Monday, August 7, 2017

It's complicated.

Gotta keep perspective through this stormy and uncertain time. May the Lord reign and guide us through according to his will.
It has been tough emotionally lately and I have withdrawn from so much to try to shield myself from anything else that might knock me over. Basically I have been trying to do life on my own without seeking out God and His guidance. I get so stuck in my head and negative thoughts culminate and I have been bogged down when Jesus is right there telling me He can help and I just keep pushing Him away. It is a sad place to be. It is raw right now and I want to feel alive in Christ again. I want to be whole because Jesus fills me not trying to fill my void with social media(in attempt to feel connected to something besides the craziness of Grace family) or filling the void with busyness not stopping to get in His Word to be filled with Truth and wisdom. 

My mom gave me some clarity through this time with this verse:

A lot is happening with Grace family. We are trying to figure out what is best for the children as some of them seem to want to be with their parent or extended family. Their family or guardians put them in our care for us to help them in schooling and basic needs. A lot of them still have family so over this month long break from school in August we sent them home to help them sort their feelings. When we were living in America it sounds like they went home quite often and this was viewed as a boarding school of sorts. So we decided to see what the reaction was of the kids of going home for a month and each one was grinning real big and were so stoked. (Mercy and Moses the two youngest are staying at our home over the break.) So we question what are we really doing here? What does God want us to do? Do we support some children from home? Times could be changing and we want to go as the Lord leads but this is hard. We want each of these children grow to be who God created them to be and may the Lord show us where that would be best for each one. My heart strings are being stretched and I want to trust my Father above what my mind is telling me.

We feel some of the children view this place as a prison because we don't let them run all around the community like their friends and allow all of the various influences in their lives. So they see going home would be more freedom and they may not realize they will have all their basic needs or schooling met. We are trying to do what is best for them but it is hard with so much resistance or complaining. Really hard parenting stuff and big decisions that we pray we would rely on the Lord and His strength to get through. We would appreciate your prayers, support or any ideas you may have!

My friend, Cari Jantamaso, spurred me on with this verse:

An encouraging quote that gave me some perspective today: "When we trust God outside of our comfort zones, anything can happen, anywhere. And sometimes what happens is utterly delightful." -Luci Swindoll

Friday, July 21, 2017


Close to our home is a wonderful spa! A natural God made one where you just need the rain to come to mix with supreme dirt! A place to go and relax and enjoy getting your feet pampered!

It reminded us of my parents backyard that is on a channel of water where there is a marsh full of pluff mud!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Construction progress updates

May the lord be praised! The classroom and the offices are almost done. We only need a few things before moving in (tiles for one room, desks and furniture). Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TWINS!!! baby goats and some wonderful adventures!

 Our goat had TWINS! A boy and a girl!
 Lily and Mercy want to name the girl, Daisy!

 Levi wants to name the boy goat, Airplane! Lucy loves all the babies!
 So we have this gigantic bear and Lucy put it on her back to walk around the house!

 The bear also joined us at the table for lunch of matumbo (cow intestines) 
and noodles! These kids love matumbo!

Great words to live by!

 Lucy loves getting a bath and having her hair all brushed out and smoothed down!
 Taking walks with the kids is vital to my well being here! We love adventures and exercise!
 Some fun with cake! Sometimes you just got to eat cake and wear it too!

 Two weekends ago we got away as a family to David's parents home! The kids slept the whole ride to Kugo and Kogo's home!

 The mountain life is marvelous, peaceful and quiet.
 We had a great bonfire at Kogo's and LEVI just loves GREAT BIG FIRES.
 We also hiked to waterfalls and the whole time Levi kept saying, "Isn't this nice to just be out as a family! Just us as a family! Wow, Baba thank you for bringing us here!"


The whole time we are at Kogo's home Levi wants to get out and explore the forest! He loves trails, hiking, waterfalls, streams, etc!

 Back at home is always an adventure! So many chickens, 
cows and goats the Lord has blessed us with! We can't wait for our chickens to start laying.
Lily up in the lookout!

 Derick and Levi playing with walkie talkies around the compound.

 Play day on Kenya's Memorial day on June 1st!

 One Sunday David was mowing our yard and the community kids were fascinated by the lawn mower! They loved David's tutorial on how it works!
 Everyone wanted to see the blades underneath?! Can you imagine their curiosity?!

 We went to town last week for hair trims for the ladies! Feels so good!
 Miss Charlene in Eldoret went to America for training in hairstyles for Muzungus (white people). I am so glad that we found her!
 Can you believe that our Moses will be 4 years old at the end of the month on the 24th?!!
 Lily loves to help our laundry lady, Maggie, with our piles of laundry! She is a natural!

An unexpected sweet blessing from a woman who donated a bunch of fun clothes for everyone!!!