Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 7 small but o so helpful projects

Day 7 was filled with various projects that we had identified on Monday from people in the community needing help with or here at the property needing repair. Tom and Bryan helped fix the Big house dish rack that was falling apart in place, they made a new table for my kitchen, worked on fixing one of the big slides, delivered blessings to some women in the community....

 Bryan and Tom were able to make Sheila a great dish rack to help with their utensils. We have been helping this family ever since moving here. The Lord has knit our hearts together. Sheila and her brothers lost their mother at a young age and sweet Sheila has been supporting her family ever since while she went through high school and just last year completed college! She is a brave, hard working woman who knows God has good plans for her life.

 Here is the other Single Kogo who was identified as needing help with a mattress and some blankets. This is inside her home where she was sleeping on top of her clothes.

Time to make the bed with new blankets. 

 Bryan, Kogo and Tom
So this Kogo heard how well Tom, Bryan and their team of men had fixed the new kitchen for Kogo and Kugo down the road and requested for a new house also. There was not time or funds to help Kogo at this time but we hope in April when Tom's team comes back that we can tackle more community projects! 

 Another project that was completed today was a revamping one of the big slides. We thought it was going to be pretty simple by just putting new metal on the slide but no..... most of the boards had been rotting and had to replace almost everything! Sorry Tom and Bryan... we thought it would be a quickie! It is so fun to have a new fast big slide!
 You can see the moon in this picture peeking over the big house!

Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! 

Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm 

so that I will be free of pain. 1 Chronicles 4:10

Day 6 Community Project!

This where the men went off to help with the full tractor and truck while all the little ones played and played on the new playground!!

 The house of Allan Kipchumba's Kogo and Kugo that we had identified the day before as in desperate need of a new kitchen. It was a group of 6 men that started the tearing down and rebuilding.
 They said it was quite easy to tear down as the house was made only of sticks, mud and dung.
 Now they have smoothed and cleared the area and they are ready to install the poles.

 Many people from the community came to the home to help re-mud the other part of the house, help with building and clearing or just stand around and watch everyone work. People were curious about all the power tools that Tom and Bryan had brought to the property. It made the work go so much faster! Thank you Lord for your provision of a great generator to help with all of these projects and the amazing power tools that Tom has brought over the years! Wow! He knew all that we needed and He knows how to care for us so well!

 Here is the back of the house and the new kitchen! What amazing work that was accomplished!

Some community kids coming by to see the great work! and as you can see in the background all of the cleared sticks from the previous kitchen.
 As you can see what a difference it makes for this family to have the other part of their house re smeared with mud and dung to make it more warm and the new kitchen! What great work when people come together for God!

Kogo and Kugo were telling us that they will not use the new room for their kitchen but since it is so much more insulated it will become their bedroom! Also, there was a nice dish rack that was made outside for them and all of their dishes to dry in the sun! Kogo kept telling the team how much it made her heart happy and so blessed to have their help. She has been feeling quite discouraged and overwhelmed with caring for her husband 24/7 who has a stroke. We are trying to look into different options of how to help them in this way. We started by bringing a bag of corn and potatoes to help them with food as it is hard for Kogo to plant anything with all the care she gives her husband. May the Lord guide us as to how to continue to support them.

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 

1 John 4:11

Day 6

Day 6 started off with big loads in the tractor trailer and the truck! What a blessing to have the support of Tom and Bryan's fundraisers to fill the truck and tractor with materials to help build Allan Kipchumba's Kugo and Kogo's new kitchen! So many people in America helped make this happen with their generosity!
Would this load be legal in America to drive around with????!!!
Heading out for a full day of work!
While the men were away the school children finally got to be able to experience the new playground! What fun everyone had! They had watched it being built from the field everyday for the past few days and now they could finally experience all of the new updated and fun new small play area!!!!

Yay!!! So many people can swing now at the same time because everything is fixed and working so well!!

Small swings for the smaller ones! Why swing by yourself when your friend can fit with you on the swing?!
So many little ones lined up to go down the slide!!

Little Boaz said, "take my picture!"
The sandbox! The funny thing was that Lily had to show everyone that the sand was to play in.... once they realized that everyone wanted to take off their shoes and experience all of the great fun of building with sand!

So while the men were away... all of the little ones played and played and played! They did not want to go back to class!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Day 5 continued...

 The other part of Day 5 (Monday) besides the amazing sandbox is that Tom and Bryan went around the community with David and some of the elders to identify some families who needed help with something.

These are Allan Kipchumba's grandparents who live in a mud house. His grandfather had a stroke and Kipchumba's grandmother has been caring for him ever since.
 The grandparents told us they were in need of a new kitchen as it was falling apart and they were having a hard time cooking in there. A very hard living arrangement as the roof was made from plastic tarp and the grandmother had not had the time or energy to keep up with the walls of the kitchen by mudding them because of all of the care the grandfather needs.

 Another house that was visited was a single grandmother was living on her own and all she wanted was a mattress and some blankets.

 So after we had been able to identify some needs and start making a list of materials to help these people God had brought us to we went home to organize and David went out to shop for everything. It is hard to always get the materials you want when you want them. It is a struggle and not everyone wants to see you succeed. So we press forward and pray for the Lord to help us so we can help others to get these things accomplished!

 Yay!!! for an awesome sandbox chock full of amazing sand!

The Lord painted us a beautiful sunset on the evening of the 5th day. ⇱