Saturday, May 10, 2014

It is a mix...

Derek, Vincent, Hillary and Levi

Winnie K., Gideon, Benard, Ian and Lily... I don't remember what had gotten their attention.

Emily our matron with Moses

Friends from Liberty visited us for an hour while in Kenya

Showing some high schoolers how to email...
Went for a break for a week and a half to Kogo's. Much needed and finally felt rested and refreshed by the Lord.

Chai time at Kogo's

Silliness in Kogo's kitchen

We watched quite a few movies while on vacation... well not a variety... it was Cars, Cheaper by the Dozen and BOZ. Shew... I could probably quote those movies now. Kogo has electricity so it very easy to charge at any time! So different than solar charging as we only have certain hours of the day that you can charge the laptop and phones or else you won't have lights at night!

Lily loves to wash her baby clothes, blankets and her own shoes!

She fully embraces farm life and likes to help take the cows to get sprayed for ticks.

Baba brought us a treat of chocolate cake! MMMmmmm!

Jeremiah (David's brother) mother in law.

Jeremiah's wife's side of the family
Seeing about 3-4 planes a day while staying at Kogo's was such a treat for Levi. He was amazed by this one with a tail of smoke... or whatever you call that. :) Almost every plane he would ask is Abbey or Donna or Momo and Papa on that plane... We have enjoyed so many people visiting but it is so hard to say goodbye and see so many leave on planes!

 Hillary led Children's church this past Sunday. We are proud of him stepping up leading.


Hillary our oldest...

Kipchumba one of the youngers...


A care package from our Aunt Julie in Utah!

They loved the packaging! They thought they were balloons!

A BIG bag of Peanut Butter M&M's and movies!!! Woohooo!

The same day we also got a package from Papa and Momo in South Carolina!

oooo snack bowls!

This is how excited LEVI is over GOLDFISH!!

Lily said, "I have missed these Mama."
Can YOU tell that we love care packages! Thank you for sending and supporting us.
Sunset... they are just so different and inspiring!

Levi showing you his plane shirt

Our cows chowing down!

Sunset swinging

Levi loves to help with construction! I wish I had gotten a picture of David with the wheelbarrow and Levi right behind him with his dump truck! Such a pair! Thankful for the guys in my life!

Levi waiting to dump his load off at the construction sight!

Papa and Momo also sent us some Peeps in the care package! Lily said all of the purple Peeps were for the girls and the yellow ones were for the boys. This was the slowest I ever saw anyone eat Peeps... especially children. They took tiny bites... maybe too sweet? They enjoyed and Levi and Lily asked for more "mushrooms"


Winnie A.


Moses has figured out this crawling thing. He also loves to walk around the yard holding on to someones hands. He cries every time you want him to take a break from walking! Maybe he is trying to get the walking thing down before he turns 1 on June 24!

The girls are back at making some doll clothes from fabric my Mom sent also in the care package!

Even Lily gets in on all of the fun!