Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bike, Denmark, Computer, Play, Togetherness.

Benard back from school

Wilson (our watchman) gave the munchkins a ride on his bike

I love their GREAT big smiles!

Brenda holding Moses... Lily talking with him!

So we have 2 fun girls from Denmark staying with use for a couple of months. They are helping out at the school trying to add creativity and drama into the school days! They have also been a good help around here with dishes and various chores. :) Brenda with Moses, Lily, Katrine and Camilla.

Brenda and Lily playing with their hair!

Soccer time!

Levi playing with Winnie A. on her back!

Winnie A.

The computer brings a few more together! Kipchumba and Victor add to the group

Camilla and Katrine showing some Danish games

Moses put Brenda to sleep!

It is a big event around here for planting season...

We like to sit and watch the tractor plow the land!

Me, Christine and Vicenct making Chapati on Saturday.

The Little Blue Truck book!


Care package from my parents (Papa and Momo)

What American treats! What delight! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Yummy... we tried it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Family life.

 David built a big fire for us... we had not had one in a while because when the house was built our constructor did not make the chimney correctly so the VA team helped with fixing that!

 We roasted some marshmallows that the VA team left for us! Delicious and the girls were saying that they tasted like ice cream! :)
 Wish I got some pics of us eating marshmallows but it was too dark! But it was a fun sticky mess!
 Moses chowing down on a Ritz cracker!

 Lily took this photo of Levi and I as he just woke up!
 Levi's pic of Lily!
 Bright eyes!
 This little man is crazy about headbands!

 Mama I have to take them all off so I can get a different picture!

Look at my doll and her crazy hair!

Found Winnie A. with Levi helping him with his lunch today. :)

Brenda and Moses

Suzy with her puppies

Timothy and Gideon

Time to wash the dishes!

Fun with Winnie A. and Winnie K. on lunch break!

Benard and Nickson too cool to look at the camera!

Trying on Winnie K. jacket!

Fun cowboy hat pics!

Loving this.

Watching the boys wash their clothes

Gideon, Victor, Timothy, Moses and Kipchumba

Lily ever so silly.

uh why are you taking a picture of me?