Monday, September 26, 2016

Mud, play, celebrate, repeat!!

Little Lucy soaked and muddy to the bone! Her upper half is so clean because she had her winter coat on! She absolutely loves the water!
Lily, Levi and Lucy love to set up the chairs in the house! Here they are playing they are in an airplane!
Lily and Lucy taking a selfie!
Little Lucy loves when she is included in the games!
Lucy and Kipchumba are buddies! Moses is off and running!
I thank the Lord for our two milking goats!! Lucy ad Levi are both lactose intolerant.
We celebrated Brenda's birthday last Thursday! Yummy soda cake and sweet biscuits! Such a treat and good fun!
Brenda is the one with the pink berets!
Such a funny little daughter!
Half of one of the storage rooms are shaping up to be an art studio!!! Donna and I cannot wait to get the children creating!
As you can see the other half is the many hours spent organizing all of the amazing clothes sent in the container for outreach projects and for the children! I love not having to go to the market to buy clothes for Grace family!
SO a week ago Vincent one of our older boys brought home two puppies from an abandoned house near their school! I did not find out about them until a few days later! Haha! Vincent is an animal lover and our go to guy for anything to do with any of our cows, goats, chickens, duck, cats or dogs!
Just FYI: they tend to not name the animals here until they are older in case they don't make it.
Hey Moses!!
We have so much fun with these roly oily puppies!

Kisses for Lucy!

The Lord is so good to us. We are thankful for how He loves and provides the strength for us each day! It has been a lot of hard work in training the children and staff. The work always continues but I love this quote by Lara Casey: "Cultivate what matters little by little."

Monday, September 19, 2016


Grace Family Needs
It’s been a little bit over a month being  here in Kenya. We are very overwhelmed with all Grace Family needs but we are so thankful that God has always provided all Grace family needs. Through your prayers and support God has done a lot through Grace Family for His glory. 2 Corinthians 4:1 says, “Therefore, since through God’s mercy, we have this ministry, we do not lose heart”. We love the ministry in Kenya the Lord has blessed us with. We want to continue letting Him use us to expand His ministry for His glory. Our children’s ministry (GOGCP) in conjunction with our partners has been able to impact many children, families, communities, and the country of Kenya at large. Thank you for joining us with your prayers and support. Here are Grace Family needs/projects that we are kindly requesting for your prayers and support to be able to meet this needs/Projects. We have also included the estimated cost of each need/project:

Grace Family House
            Lockers for children’s clothes- $615
            Repair doors-$85
            Landscaping (trees, flowers etc.)-$195
            Plumbing in bathrooms-$315
            Wiring the upstairs-$310
            Quality chairs-$419
            New doors for upstairs-$250
            Make couches for library area-$650
            Fascia board around-$389
            Gutters for rain water-$219
            More shelving for library books-$211
            Tiling-$ 2500
Long term:
            Security lights/Cameras-$150

School (Grace Family Educational Centre)
            Build more classrooms-$3,500 per class
            Laptops and tablets?
Long term:
            Administration blog or office building-$4,700

Bees on a Mission House
            Plastering the guest house-$380
            Curtain rods-$196
Long term:


Others Project
            Water tower roofing-$200
Long term:
            Maize/corn storage-$2000
            Green House-$3000
            Drill a well (clean water)-$8,00-$10,000

Self-Sustaining Projects
            Tractor trailer and planter-$2,250
            Animal feeds Grinding machine-$350
            Land for rent for farming-$375

Long term:
            Pharmacy/clinic-$20,000(land, construction etc.)
            Canteen/workshop-$12,000(land, construction etc.)
            Mini bus-$50,000

Outreach Projects
            Family friendly movies
            10-20 Quality Soccer balls -$200
            Chairs for the church-$350
            Feeding children that attend Church Services on Sundays$ $150 per month

Please! Any amount you donated is very appreciated and we are also thankful for your continued. May the Lord meet all Grace Family’s needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). We know that it’s His work and he has a way to provide. We are just making our needs known and He knows how he will make it happen. Thank you and we are looking forward to hear from you soon. David”Zion” for Grace Family

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The most fun Lincoln logs!!

Today the kids had a grand time with the large pile of firewood we have sitting around waiting to be chopped up!! I love their imagination! God gives us such creative minds and ways to solve boredom!
This is Derik's home shared with Levi.
Lucy had to go in and check it out!
Lily and Mercy created this cozy home. 
Lucky found a long curly stick and wanted to add it to Derik's home!
Lucy and Kipchumba pretend to drink drinks from wood!
Here is KIRWA and Dennis' home with Moses standing around checking the progress.
Brenda helped Lily and Mercy make a better home!
I like seeing Moses and Lucy playing with each other more. When we first arrived Moses did not like that someone was younger than him and getting into his things!
Derik renovating his home!
Kipchumba is such an active and caring boy. Many days you will find him helping with Lucy or running around and jumping on top of things and climbing everything!
Moses, King of the firewood!

Lots of building!

Moses and Lucy sharing their findings from the flower garden.
Here is a view from the lookout of the Lincoln log village!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

One of today's projects!

Zion asked Donna and I to repainted the blackboards in Grace Family Educational Centre! I had not played in paint in a while. When Zion asked me to repaint them I knew that I would not keep them simple boring! This is a school for creative little children! Little by little I want to make this place more fun ad inspiring!
Here is the before picture of classroom 1. Lily and Mercy were playing they were the teachers!
This is the before picture of classroom 2! Shoo they had painted the blackboard onto the wall before ye primer had dried so you can see it was in really bad shape!

Here is the after picture of classroom 1! Donna and I had so much fun with the scalloped edges!
Here is the after of classroom 2! I was inspired by the brackets we use when typing { }<<<see??!!

Hmm what can I paint next??!!