Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catching up....

 We took a walk to see the closing of school in the beginning of April and that is where I last updated you all! So sorry. Been a bit hectic and just plain drained here. The school is closed till the first week in May so it is about a 3 week break! Enjoy the pictures! We thank you for your love, prayers, and support!!!
Lily, Mercy, Kipchumba and Levi

School closing where they have each class sing or perform in some way.

Levi loves to play with the clothes line pegs

Moses is on the move at 10 months... not completly crawling yet but can move in his unique way to what he wants!

Hillary is also home from school! We have missed him as he has been at high school!

He is such a good big brother to everyone... Lily loves to read with him or learn her letters and numbers from him.

So we had this whole box of puzzles that was about 17 puzzles all jumbled up together. One Saturday it was my mission to figure it all out and find what goes to what. I had various helpers throughout the day and it was accomplished except for one or two that are very tiny pieces that I did not want to figure out then. As my Mom taught me... when you get a new puzzle you have to number the back of the whole puzzle when you get it so if a piece is misplaced you know which one it belongs to without a doubt! That is just what I did after we found the complete puzzles! It was quite an undertaking but I was able to find patterns or size of the puzzle piece or coloring that told me what went with what! God is good!

 There was a family in Eldoret that donated a bunch of fun toys, blocks, etc. for us to play with! Thank you!

Family meeting!

More help with finding puzzles!

The Danish girls also lefts us with some Duplos (large Legos) and various cars!

He is such a mover! Amazing how far God has brought him and given Moses such good health and strength!


Saturday evening FEAST!

Emily with the family that donated all the blocks, toys and baby supplies such as a seat for Moses to sit in, also a crib since he is on the move (used to sleep in the bed with our matron but now we are afraid he will scoot too much during nap time!) also one of those seats where he can bounce himself! Moses and everyone loves all the new gear and toys!
The truck loaded with the baby gear and toys and our ceiling boards for Bees on a Mission home!
Moses "high chair" for eating

Got three awesome care packages from my parents just in time for Easter to spread the cheer!

Bees on a Mission Home coming right along!

Planting maize (more like just covering up the seeds!)

The seed putters :)
 Much love from all of us... I have many more pics to update you with but it shall be another time!