Friday, November 28, 2014

Posting grades and moving forward!

Hillary Ndoli's report card he is our oldest and just finished his sophomore year in high school.
This is the rest of the children who are currently attending Chebulbul Primary 
which goes from Class 8 to Nursery (Class is the same as grade). 
All of the children will proceed to their next grade in January 2015.

Here is the end of the year report card for all of the children except for the little ones who have not started school.... Moses and Mercy Jerop. :) Mercy will start school come January 2015. Thank you for your encouragement and help in supporting their education as it is changing their lives! 
All of the children are now on break until the second week in January 
where they will all be starting their new grade in school! 

Gifts and smiles!

 Thank you for the gifts Chris and Jill Moore! What a fun time it was to have new clothes and shoes to try on!

David Koros (our manager) and Mercy Jerop

Vincent Kipkorir

Sharon Jelagat

Timothy Kipchirchir

Ian Kipyego

Winnie Kiptoo

Allan Kipchumba

Dennis Kipkurui

Derick Kiplagat

Brenda Kiptoo

Gideon Kiplagat

Winnie Awino

Victor Kirwa

Emily and Moses
 Thank you Margot Bartlett for the gifts and love sent to Moses!
Mercy Jerop

Christine Tsindoli
 Thank you Mark and Ianthia Farley for your continued support and love for Christine!

Wilson Kogo (Dairy and Poultry)

Lagat (our watchman/security)

Francis Kemboi (our special cook)

Emily Rono our matron/nurse

Kugo Paul our groudskeeper

 He is a dedicated worker who has so much spirit and zest for life even with one leg! He has been an inspiration to all of us and such a blessing to have around the children!
 Thank you so much for all of the gifts! We love to hear from you and know you are doing well!

Many thanks from the Grace family! 

Please keep us in your prayers! Much love!