Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let's get back to New Years...

A lot has been going on at Grace family in the past few months!

A 2 room building was built at Grace family to house the container items and have a more permanent building to keep tools secure.
The boys of the family love to watch any construction going on!

David visited with Grace family while in Kenya for recruiting runners for Liberty University! Here he is with Moses!

Brenda and Moses

Adding the doors to the building to house the container items

Hello Handsome Hilary!

Getting all of the solar and electricity right at the house

Moses and Ian... don't they look so thrilled to get their picture taken!

Spectators of the construction


Brenda, Moses and Naomi

Kipchumba and neighbor playing

Dennis watching the construction

Jackson our neighbor and chairman at Grace of God

Moses and Winnie K.
Richard the watchman for Grace family property
Richard at his post checking people in when they come to the gate of our property

The school! Isn't grand!!

Building the bathrooms (latrines)


finishing work on the back of the school

The inside of the school has partitions between the classes that can be moved  when we need larger space for church or other functions.
Here are the two new teachers for Grace Family Educational Centre- Mercy and Lynet with Zion

The building for the container items coming along!

Naomi the cooks daughter who lives at Grace family

Brenda helping with the dishes

Francis Kemboi our great cook!

Victor- Kemboi's son who lives at Grace Family

Sharon Jelagat now heading to high school this new year!


Kugo Paul who helps keep our garden and plants around the property weeded and looking great!

Kugo Paul at work

The big house!

Grace family all together for a photo op with the goat that was slaughtered to eat for New Years!

Allan Kipchumba
Christine Tsindori

Winnie Kiptoo

Sharon Jelagat

Victor-Kemboi's son

Winnie Awino

Victor Kirwa

Naomi-Kemboi's daughter

Mercy Jerop

Brenda Kiptoo

Dennis Kipkurui

Gideon Kiplagat
Alex-Kemboi's eldest son

Derick Kiplagat

Vincent Kipkorir

Hillary Ndoli

Timothy Kipchirchir

Duncan-Kemboi's second eldest son

Mercy Jerop

Ian Kipyego

Our goats

More interior of the school


Moses Kipkoech

Moses and Kipchumba

Allan Kipchumba

Kugo Paul


Derick Kiplagat








Winnie A.