Sunday, March 30, 2014

Charming Gardners

I am grateful to you who have helped me through this rough time. THANK YOU for your prayers, notes of encouragement, Bible verses and love. May the Lord greatly bless you and give you a full life!

This print is from an artist I admire a lot: Katie Daisy she has an awesome etsy shop:

PLAY! Such an important part of our weekend!

We went for a walk in a fun neighborhood! It is where David's sister, Lydia lives. She was not around but we got to hang out with her son, Iman! I had brought 3 of our small Tonka trucks so each of them had something to drive around while we walked!
 Lily and Iman are just about 20 days apart! Such fun cousins to watch!

Checking out the tractor across the street!

Someone scared Levi into saying a tractor would come and get him one day... now he is deathly afraid of them. I do not like that at all! Poor little man. :(

So they found some bugs to watch in the drain...

First picture of just us as a couple in a LONG TIME. I love my strong man who is with me through this journey!

Sparkly Smile Monkey!

The tree roots are good roads for the trucks!

Teaching the monkeys right!

Just imagine hearing car noises with this picture!
The grasses were tickling them!

now imagine monkey noises!

I got to say the most fun I have had in a ditch in a long time!

 Get out and play in the grass! Roll around! Laugh! Enjoy this life God has given you!

This week+weekend

OOOOoooo what a treat to watch a children's movie "BOZ" on the computer!

They could not take their eyes off of the green bear "Boz" who sang fun songs!

Zion with the littlest boys- Levi and Moses

Bigger boys helping to wash the truck!

A visit to the Korir household! Lily loved to hold Jayden!

All four of the littles - Levi, McKayla, Jayden, Lily

Loves to lay down and drive his trucks!

Tarah Korir, Lily, McKayla and Levi

The Yellow Truck is an AWESOME playplace!