Friday, February 19, 2016

New Year's at Grace family was just so good!

Yeah, well I am still stuck on this New Year's goodness. 
Winnie Awino and her laugh is just amazing! IF you have have never met her you must come visit us and this free and wildly funny girl!


Winnie K.



Mercy Jerop

Moses helping with the hand washing buckets before everyone enjoys the New Year's feast!

Moses is now 2 1/2 can you believe this little guy?!!

The boys are ready for some food!

Everyone has to have clean hands before they partake of the great meal!!!

Winnie K. and Moses

We had some of David's family come to join us for New Years and some neighbors and elders!


Moses with his soda!


Great fun team games were played by everyone!

Here they have to put there face in a plate of flour, find the gum, chew it and make a bubble for the next person on their team to go! They had never played games like this and everyone was having a grand time!!

Here the teams are trying to find Zion's hidden phone for a money prize!

Brenda and her team found the phone!

Joseph (Zion's eldest brother) sharing some words on New Year's day

Time to say goodbye to family

Winnie K. and Sharon

Peek a boo Moses

Winnie A., Winnie K., Sharon

Allan Kipchumba

Derick Kiplagat



Victor Kirwa playing with a tire

Winnie K. and Winnie A. having fun!

Sharon and Winnie A.


Winnie A., Winnie K., Gideon

Winnie K. and Winnie A.

Sharon and Christine. Our two eldest girls headed off to high school boarding school this year! There sweet presence and great help is greatly missed at the home. They are great at cooking and keeping the house clean. They help the younger ones stay clean and help with the laundry. They are growing up so fast and were excited about high school! We pray the Lord would protect and help them in their studies!

Boys will be boys...wrestling.

Dennis, Christine, Ian

Naomi, Winnie A. Winnie K.

Mercy and Victor (Kemboi's son)

Naomi and Winnie K.

Gideon, Timothy, Derick

Naomi, Christine, Winnie K., Sharon and Winnie A. What beautiful daughters God has given us!

Ian is the cool guy on the block. Our teenage boy is growing into a man. He loves to listen to futbol on the radio!


Victor Kirwa

Sharon and Naomi

Victor and Dennis

Winnie A. and Winnie K. really love the camera!

Naomi and Winnie A.

Emily (our matron), Ian and Hillary

Naomi and Hillary

Mercy Jerop


Dennis, Gideon and Derick


Brenda, Alex, Victor

Naomi and Sharon... so cool with their borrowed backwards baseball caps from the boys

Winnie A. and Winnie K.

Gideon, Victor, Derick and Dennis

Winnie K.


Brenda and Winnie A.

Gideon and Dennis


Naomi and Winnie K.

Brenda and Winnie A.

Dennis and Alex

Gideon, Dennis, Timothy and Victor
Moses, Emily and Christine

Emily, Moses, Ian and Richard our watchman

Brenda and Mercy

Sharon, Alex, Ian and Christine



Allan Kipchumba, Brenda and Emily

Sharon, Kemboi our cook and Christine

Emily and Hillary

Naomi, Moses, Kipchumba and Alex

Emily, Ian and Hillary

Dennis and Victor

Naomi and Moses

Victor Kirwa


Jonah our cow/dairy guy and Hillary

Gideon, Victor, Emily, Moses and Victor Kirwa

Hillary and our daughters!

Winnie A. and Hillary

Sharon and Hillary

Naomi and Hillary

Brenda and Winnie K.


Mercy Jerop

Hillary, Emily and Moses

Mercy Jerop, Gideon and Hillary

Timothy, Brenda, Gideon and Victor

Kipchumba, Sharon, Victor Kirwa

Sharon, Winnie A. and Winnie K.

Brenda, Timothy and Gideon

Gideon posing for a picture!

Winnie A., Alex, Christine, Victor Kirwa

Dennis being silly with the cones 
Brenda and Alex

Mercy Jerop and Victor


Victor and Brenda!

So this late night of New Year's Zion gave the children a lot of candy from America! They were bouncing off of the walls and asking Zion to take a picture here and there of silly/ funny things they were doing!!! That is where a lot of these playful pictures came from! We love you and thank you for your help!