Thursday, March 15, 2018

Clean Water is Here

Thank you, Lord! We have been praying for a long time for a source of clean and steady supply of water for Grace Family and for the community. God has answered all the prayers, the water drilling happened the beginning of March! We want to thank you for the many blessings. The well drilling extracts water from aquifers, which are underground layers of earth, gravel, or porous stone where ground water accumulates.

This job was bigger than we ever imagined! We had some ups and down during the drilling process. The geologist surveyed that sufficient water should be obtained around 328ft and a maximum of 541ft would need to be drilled to find a good water source. Anyway, we are not God and the geologist made the mistake of not surveying our land properly and according to procedure. We ended up drilling 689ft to find sufficient water! This was very heartbreaking because drilling is very costly and we had already used all our resources for the geologist to survey the land and all the cost associated drilling. However, the drilling company, Hydrotech, was a God sent company. They were willing to work with us, they even said, “God sent us here. We are not leaving you with no water, we see all your great work for the orphans, needy and the community. We will drill your well until we find sufficient water and will work something concerning payment plan later”. This was a huge blessing!

We owe the drilling company $3,000. 
They have already finishing the drilling and casing; they only need to perform test pumping within the next few days. We would also need to buy a pump to stay down in the well and a water storage (tank) after finishing test pumping. We won’t know the type of pump until they complete the test pumping. We are thinking we still need to raise $6,500 for the entire water project to be completed! We are trusting God to provide, we know it’s going to be a blessing to have clean and steady water supply for Grace Family and for the community. We are going to create a water kiosk where anyone in the community can come fetch clean water, right outside the fence of our property. We are also thinking of sharing the water with our nearby dispensary (medical clinic), depending on the amount of water to be pumped daily. We should know this in the next few days after test pumping is complete. We just want to thank everyone who has been praying and encouraging us through this crazy progress. We can use any amount of donation to help complete this wonderful, impactful project.  Here is the link to make donation of any amount