Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TWINS!!! baby goats and some wonderful adventures!

 Our goat had TWINS! A boy and a girl!
 Lily and Mercy want to name the girl, Daisy!

 Levi wants to name the boy goat, Airplane! Lucy loves all the babies!
 So we have this gigantic bear and Lucy put it on her back to walk around the house!

 The bear also joined us at the table for lunch of matumbo (cow intestines) 
and noodles! These kids love matumbo!

Great words to live by!

 Lucy loves getting a bath and having her hair all brushed out and smoothed down!
 Taking walks with the kids is vital to my well being here! We love adventures and exercise!
 Some fun with cake! Sometimes you just got to eat cake and wear it too!

 Two weekends ago we got away as a family to David's parents home! The kids slept the whole ride to Kugo and Kogo's home!

 The mountain life is marvelous, peaceful and quiet.
 We had a great bonfire at Kogo's and LEVI just loves GREAT BIG FIRES.
 We also hiked to waterfalls and the whole time Levi kept saying, "Isn't this nice to just be out as a family! Just us as a family! Wow, Baba thank you for bringing us here!"


The whole time we are at Kogo's home Levi wants to get out and explore the forest! He loves trails, hiking, waterfalls, streams, etc!

 Back at home is always an adventure! So many chickens, 
cows and goats the Lord has blessed us with! We can't wait for our chickens to start laying.
Lily up in the lookout!

 Derick and Levi playing with walkie talkies around the compound.

 Play day on Kenya's Memorial day on June 1st!

 One Sunday David was mowing our yard and the community kids were fascinated by the lawn mower! They loved David's tutorial on how it works!
 Everyone wanted to see the blades underneath?! Can you imagine their curiosity?!

 We went to town last week for hair trims for the ladies! Feels so good!
 Miss Charlene in Eldoret went to America for training in hairstyles for Muzungus (white people). I am so glad that we found her!
 Can you believe that our Moses will be 4 years old at the end of the month on the 24th?!!
 Lily loves to help our laundry lady, Maggie, with our piles of laundry! She is a natural!

An unexpected sweet blessing from a woman who donated a bunch of fun clothes for everyone!!!