Friday, October 27, 2017

Progress, Mustaches and good food!

 After Tom and Bryan left... I started painting our kitchen. I had drive, inspiration and a determination to get cranking!

 Ever since we have lived here the walls have been only painted with the primer coat and I am so thankful I could start painting on top of it!

 Our kitchen was in disarray for a couple of weeks since we are still working on school and could only get to it on the weekend!

 On another note... I did get this fun design and paint on our veranda before Tom and Bryan arrived.
 I hung up this tapestry which used to hang in my grandparents house! So fun to have it here.
 So much fun on the new playground!

 Another project knocked out in a day! I had some design contact paper in my art stuff just enough to cover the top so I painted the rest white!


 Levi and Lucy hanging out in the yard.

 Lucy tracing her hands and drawing on her legs!
 Back in 2013 when I was dreaming about our house being completed the Lord gave me a lot of inspiration for various rooms in our house. A honeycomb pattern in our kitchen was one of them! It was so fun to see it come to life!

 I also wanted to paint one wall in the kitchen a different color from the rest and I thought it would be green. Something was just not quite right about it so I was thinking and praying and God gave me the idea to do it a bit darker than lavender.
 Levi loved the transformation in the kitchen and was such a sweet encourager!

 Epic blanket fort in the living room with dining room chairs!

 Lily is showing off this ring from my grandmother, Granzie.
Moses and his beloved dump truck with 3 wheels!
 This sandbox has been hours of fun for the younger children! Wow! They have gotten into making roads, towns, etc!

Lily loves how all of the swings work so well!

Sunday school children loving the tire swing working again!

 These mustaches are from my sister, Heather! We found them while cleaning up my desk and had so much fun with them!

Haha! Lily, Levi and Lucy!

 The water tower got some new baseboards to hold it up well on the tower beams. Also a roof and covering were added to it so the tank would be able to last longer in the penetrating African sun!

Lucy and Lily Selfie! 
 The kids and I found this quite funny with the donkeys as the caravan for the presidential reelection campaign!

 Also found this gem of a place in Eldoret with real tasty American type foods!

Lily really enjoyed the hamburger!
Coming soon to Eldoret.... KFC!

 One night we had a cozy time of sitting at the fireplace in our home reading books! Lucy loved looking through her books and cheesing for the camera!

 Just this week we had visitors all the way from Chile! They were here for some running races and touring around. Their tour guide was a Kenyan, Steven, who moved to Chile 12 years ago and has settled there and has a family and who speaks Spanish fluently! These dear people brought us Cadbury chocolate bars, 2 tubs of ice cream, lollipops, corn flour to make ugali, cooking oil, etc! What a blessing and fun treat to have them!

 The visitors loved playing on the playground!

 We also played a fun game with our visitors from Chile where you run around bases playing rock, paper, scissors against the other team to advance to the next base! Crazy fun and lots of laughs!

 I was trying to clean up in the art room and Lucy just had to get into the paint!
 From these pictures though she does not look too thrilled! Ha!

 Another project we are working on is planting more in our garden since all of the children are on break from school until January!

 All the green you can see in the picture is our potatoes growing nicely which should be ready the end of November!

 And this is today... lots of playing on the playground... Levi and Kipchumba

Lucy cannot wait every morning to get out to the playground and swing! Also, she is always on the lookout for Moses her best buddy!

 Another part of the garden was hand dug today to plant some traditional vegetables kind of like kale or collard greens. A dark leafy vegetable called sujot.
Lily loves growing and planting things! She loves to learn from Grace family all about it!

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