Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A lot of life.

 Lucy and Moses are quite a pair! The other day I overheard Moses teaching Lucy some Swahili and he kept repeating it to her and she would say it over and over! Moses would laugh at how she would pronounce the word and they were just having a sweet time! I love how God has created our family.
 Filling up our drinking water with from the rain water that is collected in a big tank. We then treat the water with something called Aquaguard so it is safe for us to drink.

 I am so thankful fro how my friend, Donna Johnson set up this art area in our storage unit! It is my getaway place to create but usually I have some munchkins join me because we are all drawn to create!
 Please pray. I have had a hard time lately feeling quite lonely and need of a friend here. I just need a kindred spirit to do life with here where we can encourage one another as mothers and women of God. Thank you. 😊
 Sweet little Lucy loves to create when everyone else is! Such concentration!
 Lily loves to take her time coloring and figuring out what colors to do!
 Levi is all about getting a finished product and fast!

 I love one on one time in the art area and Lily was just so excited about her "I love Ballet" sign!

 Lucy is all about the details. She was looking at bugs and checking out various rocks on the ground!
 A sunset panorama to show the brilliant skies God paints here!

 Brother and sister feet fight!

 She wanted me to put so many layers on while we were trying to fold clothes!
 This is what most Saturdays look like. The boys like to air our their mattresses and hang out on them reading books and playing with toys. As you can see from the buckets at the top of the picture they finished hand washing their clothes!

Derick, Levi, Kirwa and Kipchumba checking out a book.

Timothy and Gideon relaxing.

There was a sweet youth group from a nearby church that came to visit us and hang out with us! So much fun connecting with these kind people! They loved on the children, played games and encouraged us. 

 The youth group was comprised of young adults, people in college, and people in high school. They loved taking selfies and were on their phones so much! I find it crazy how far we have gotten to not connecting with the people around us because of all this technology!
 School Children Taking their lunch!
 Supper on the veranda





Derick one of our many monkeys!

 Yahooo! We are free and taking a walk!

She loves to get her picture taken!

Levi and Lucy went out to eat with Baba!

Kogo (Zion's Mama) and Lily

 Reading books with these two at night! They love books which I am so thankful!
 Last week we got to visit with Zion's extended family for a Cheromei gathering! It was so good to meet our new nephew, Ian pictured here with Lily and his Baba, Jeremiah.
 Here are Zion, Ian, Lucy trying to hold Ian and Jeremiah smiling at all of them!
Zion, Joseph (eldest brother), Lucy, Me, Levi, Kugo (father), Jackie, Jeremiah, Miriam (Joseph's wife), Jebet, Ian with Florence, Lydia with Victor, Mercy, Kogo (mother) and Rebekah

Zion and Lucy loving on Ian

Jeremiah, Lucy, Zion and Ian.... I think you can tell they are brothers! Look at that resemblance! 
Levi styling!

Lucy climbing the slides!

Playing in the sand at Poa Place

 Here is our "fire bath" as Levi likes to call it. They usually take a bath in this bucket but this time it was special since we had a fire going! They loved it and did not want to get out of their nice cozy bath!

 Train wreck on the slide! Levi, Derick, Moses, Lucy and Lily
Derick, Lucy and Lily

Derick, Lucy, Moses, and Lily

Hillary is still here as he graduated from high school in November of this past year and is now waiting until May to sit for the SAT. He dreams of going to an American university and joining the Air Force!

 Hillary is such a fun big brother!
Hillary- picture taken by Lucy!

 Some photos from my walk when I was heading to another parents meeting at Chebulbul primary.

Since people walk so much around here you find a lot of worn down paths of frequented areas. Some paths can be so worn in it is almost a foot deep. I prefer not to walk on the path but go the routes people don't frequent. I am just funny like that.

 This group of trees I love. They are close to our home on the way back from Chebulbul primary school. I love how many different trees God has created!
 The blue roof of the big house through the trees.
 The lane that takes us home... blue roof of the big house pictured again.
 Here the truck is all loaded up of grass from the forest for our cows. It is still quite dry here and the cows have eaten just about everything they can so we have to go cut grass in the forest.

 I have been noticing more as I try to create art everyday that my wardrobe colors greatly influence my color choice in what I am journaling or creating! I usually don't notice until I have completed what I am creating!
 A lot of sewing has been going on here as I have mended many of Grace family's clothes and hemmed some things. I love how God has given me ideas on how to creatively patch up some things. I am also so thankful for my Mom teaching me all about sewing as it is a vital gift to have here to save money on someone else working on all of these clothes!
 Lily is enjoying learning a bit about sewing!

Time to plant potatoes!

 Rows and rows of potatoes planted! May the Lord now bring the rain so that they can grow well!

Lucy... cheese!

Lucy and Kipchumba 

Derick and Levi

Lucy and Kipchumba in the background.


Lily and Mercy

Derick and Levi

Lucy and Kipchumba

Mercy and Lily 

 Everyone loves to try to find really big sticks on our walks and drag them in the dirt or try to see who can put their stick the highest in the sky!

Lucy and Kipchumba 

Mercy, Moses, Lily

 Playing on the really big rocks and wishing all of the water had not dried up! Please send the rain, Lord!

 Tunnel fun! I guess this is the time to play in the tunnel while all of the water has been dried up!
Kipchumba, Mercy and Levi

Sliding on the dirt!

I think these rocks should be couches!

 Thank you Lord for this machine and having a manual with it so I could learn how to write names or initials on the uniforms of the high schoolers! Wow! IT was fun!

Moses saying "Lucy, no, stop touching that!"

 Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might! Ecclesiastes 9:10