Sunday, August 10, 2014


Jambo our loving family and friends!
            We want to share with you all how God is working here and abroad!
First off, we wanted to thank you for supporting us in raising funds to build a school here at Grace of God Children’s Centre. At this point, we feel led by the Lord to support Chebulbul Primary School (where the children are currently attending). There is a great group of teachers there with a good headmaster leading the school. We feel God would like us to support them with motivational trips, a food program, clothes and minor construction. There are a lot of low-income families at Chebulbul who send their children to school with no breakfast at times and no money to be able to get lunch. Some children live too far from school to head back to eat lunch at home. Going without food for a child obviously does not help them to excel academically or physically. The Lord inspired us with these ideas while we were at the closing of school for a 3 week break on August 6th. We know that this will be more of an impact for the community and the future generation.
            On August 7th we had the first motivational trip with the top students and teacher from Chebulbul! What a great success and so much fun for everyone involved. They were all taken to Poa Place in Eldoret which has a mini zoo and a cultural housing history of the way different tribes used to/still do make their housing. The students and teacher enjoyed a treat of soda and good food while they were out! Most of the children who were on the trip have never left the community they grow up in to see the big city of Eldoret. We want to do these type of trips or give gifts regularly with the school to help motivate the whole school to work harder academically. We want this future generation to see that academics matter so that they can excel in life and stop the cycle of poverty!
            Grace family is now on a break from school till the beginning of September. They will be working on various skills over break and doing some studies. We have already enjoyed some visitors from America, Rachel and Ashley, as they had ample time over break to play soccer, have dance parties, parachute fun and give manicures and pedicures to the girls! We love having visitors here to play and learn from!

Change has come!
            The Lord is taking us back to America. We are excited about this new adventure! God has set a good foundation here where Grace family will be in good hands.
Our manager, David Koros, will be heading up the family. He was working hard here faithfully before we transitioned to Kenya. A lot of Grace family has been asking for him to come back and now God has opened those doors! Koros is very excited to be coming back to work with Grace family. He will be helping with many of our outreach programs and assisting mission teams with their projects when they come to visit. He is a God fearing person and we fully trust him.
Emily Rono is our matron who is the loving mother to all the children. She loves Jesus and always has such a happy spirit and willing attitude.
Francis Kemboi is our cook who keeps us well fed and is very dedicated to the work here.
Wilson Kogo is our watchman who is security and handyman around here.
We thank the Lord for the people God has provided! We will be keeping in close contact with all our Grace family. This transition is going to be hard for all of us but we know God has good plans! Please pray!
God has opened up doors for David to be the Assistant Cross Country and Distance Track Coach at the largest Christian university, Liberty. We are excited about this opportunity to serve God and the athletes that come to Liberty. We will also take this opportunity to raise more support for Grace family and God’s work in Kenya. Please be in prayer with us as we are starting fresh. This will be a big transition for our family from the Kenyan lifestyle to American life. What adventures and many things for all of us to learn! If you know of anyone in the Lynchburg area or surrounding area who would like to donate furniture or kitchen supplies, etc, we would be very grateful. We are also in need of finding housing and a car. Please let us know if you or your network of people or church family can help us!
Last but not least, we will have a new addition to our family arriving February 2015! God is forming a new baby brother or sister for Lily and Levi in Laurel’s womb.
All of this is so exciting for us and we could not do any of it without Jesus and your love, prayers and support!
We will see some of you all soon, David and Laurel

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Package for Derick and Bright new shirts for all the children!

Derick got a package from his sponsor Missy Sawyers! He was so excited and Lily and Levi were so excited to give it to him and see what was inside!

 Derick and his present!

 Fun clothes and a new little truck!
Ian-Captain America
 Here are those bright colored shirts that my parents send to all of Grace family!






Kipchumba=Captain America


Moses and some warm clothes!

Jerop = the princess bird

Lily = I wuv you doggy

Brenda = a kitty and a tiger

Winnie A. = Lots of love

Sharon - a beautiful butterfly

Winnie K. = a Wild fox

Christine = a bright butterfly

Here is our family trying to assemble for a family picture!

That is about the best we can do with such a large family! Haha! Much love from all of us to you!

The four youngest...

Levi, Jerop and Lily such the explorers of any found object

 Took a walk with these four down to the creek. They love to sit on the big rock and listen to the water and all the sounds around there.

 And of course we have to bring a snack of rice cakes for the trek!

Our little princess is 4!

 Lily woke up on her birthday with a pep in her step, song in her heart and a dancing body! She could barely sleep the night before she was so excited for her BIRTHDAY (July 29th)!

 She of course had to wear a totally PINK outfit to celebrate her day!

 Levi and Lily are always so excited to jump in the truck and head to town!

 Lily knew that we would find cake in town and good food for lunch and dinner... we had another surprise for her though!
 Winking! Levi does not quite have it down yet though!
 We went to the supermarket to try out the toys and just play around!
 We also indulged on some goooooood ice cream!

 This was our surprise for Lily to go shoe shopping! Lily loves to shop and look around! She of course found a pair of pink and purple shoes!

Lily picked out a pink and white cake!

 We headed over to David's sisters house - Lydia - to celebrate Lily and share her cake!

Iman, Lily and Levi's cousin (Lydia's youngest) who is just 22 days older than Lily!

 Lydia had a riveting kids show on the tv that the kids could not get enough of!

 You have to wash your hands before you get cake!

 After Lily blew out her candles she took control of the knife like a pro and cut it up for everyone!

 She forgot the manners part that you should not lick the knife before you are done cutting the cake!

 Lily was told to feed her mama cake

Woohoo! Got a family picture! This is Lily hyped up on icing and excitement about her birthday! What a fun day out on the town!