Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy Saturday

Adding flowers around the gazebo

Gideon helping with the gardening

Sarah and Moses

Ian with his jembe

Vincent, Lily and Levi dancing with the puppies to music!

Sharon washing clothes

Teresa gardening
Brenda washing her clothes

Vincent, Gideon, Victor, Dennis watching as Ian was getting rid of a toad they found in the garden. The kids really did not want the toad to touch them and were jumping out of the way!

Christine with Moses

Gideon, Dennis, Victor

Levi has to do whatever Lily is doing. They absolutely love these puppies! Lily loves Rex and Levi is either holding Tommy or Ruster (can't tell the two apart yet!)

Benard looking handsome
The toad that made everyone jump out of the way so they would not be touched by the warty thing!

Gathering some good grass for the cows to eat! They can't get enough of this grass! Wilson (our watchman), David, Eliud and Roy went to cut it at some field away from our home and brought it back for the cows.


7/24/13 Wrote this in my Bible as I read from Psalm 66 "Yes! I feel like I am being refined. I need to be patient and open during this process!!!

Please keep us in your prayers as the Lord works on us. As we learn to be patient and open to His leading and training our children. May the Lord help us as we train the staff more at GOGCC. May He give us wisdom and understanding.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just playing this morning. Thankful for silly times.

 This poor cat is tortured by our little ones! They love to catch it by its tail or hold it down in place. Thankfully it is pretty patient with them. Only one scratch yet.

3 is a good number!

 Our watchman Wilson took a bike ride this morning and found 3 sweet little puppies abandoned. He brought them home on the back of his bike in a cardboard box!
 Of course Lily the animal lover that she is had to check them out and wanted to hold them! And did you know that this little lady will be 3 on the 29th of this month? So 3 really is a good number! :)

 The children came home for lunch and also couldn't believe we had 3 puppies. Now we have to figure out names for them.

Whoa. My kids are like me!

 I had to laugh when our matron, Sarah said to come look at my kids. I walked up to Lily and Levi and they were beaming from putting red lip gloss all over their faces and clothes! Sarah said that she found that they were under the table in the office very quiet.... any mother knows when the kids are quiet that you better go check on them! So Levi came out from the table and said "This, this" That is what he says when he wants you to go check out something. Sarah found Lily with the lip gloss on half of her face beaming!
 Lily kept telling me "don't take it off, Mama." She wanted to show the kids when they came for lunch her painted face.
 Levi didn't get much on him but was so happy to be doing the same things as his big sister!
 When the kids came for school they were taken aback and wondered what happened to Lily. Sarah decided to tell them that the dog got Lily. I don't know how much they believed Sarah but Lily sure smelled fruity from that lip gloss!
Teresa insisted that Lily should take it off... Lily was not too happy about that!

Shoes from UCCS team in Colorado!

Thank you Harambee team for the shoes that you sent to the children! They are enjoying their new shoes and I catch some of them looking at their shoes as they walk. What a blessing to receive shoes of all sizes! I especially catch Gideon our second to youngest boy looking at his neon green cleats as he walks around! So fun!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life at our little home

Got to check him out!

Lily constantly asks to hold Moses and she does a great job with him!

Moses enjoys having his hands close to his face.

Lots of layers to wear this morning.

Lily was wearing her running clothes most of the morning and enjoying running from here to there outside!

Watching the kids outside.

Play time. Walk time.

Gideon and Lily- Levi trying to play too - Victor

We went on a walk and the younger classes got out of school. They surrounded us and we spoke some English, Kiswahili and silly words together! They like to make these gibberish noises when they see me so I do it back! :)

Mercy with Levi