Saturday, May 30, 2015


Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). Jesus! Here I am, send me Lord. My name is David Cheromei “ Zion” I will be part of the mission team this summer going out and sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to various people. I am sure that someone is hurting out there and in need of our help! Thinking about others is a good thing as Philippians 2:4 encourage us that we should not merely look out for our own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. We will be going out to remote areas and providing food, medical help, Bibles, sports outreach, clothing and the love our Lord Jesus Christ to those who are hungry in the flesh and spirit, and also forgotten. Please keep us in your prayers. I know you might not be able to go with us. But please remember we are here…SEND US! You can also go with us through your prayers and support if you can. We still need help to cover various project expenses that we will be performing. If you feel led to support us financially, you can do so by pressing, link or donate below. Every bit is greatly appreciated and is helpful in making a difference. I am very are thankful for you considering being a part of it and I am very excited to see what God is going to achieve during this mission trip! God bless.

Our children that we miss so much!

As it is nearing a year that we have been gone from Kenya my heart is struggling with what to do! I find it hard that we are here and most of our children are there! We have enjoyed our time in America and we are thankful that our Lucy was born healthy and happy in February. We miss our fun loving, crazy, busy, expanding family in Kenya! I miss all the fun we had together and the active life! I miss working on the farm and how our kids had so many playmates all of the time! I miss the more simple life. I did not know I would miss so much of Kenya since while I was in Kenya I was yearning for life in America. Why can't I just be more content with where I am currently at? Lord please show us what you would have us to do!

Moses (almost 2 the end of JUNE!)  and Mercy

Moses (almost 2 the end of JUNE!)

Timothy wants to be a PILOT when he grows up!

Gideon wants to be a DOCTOR when he grows up!

Victor wants to be a TEACHER when he grows up!

Victor (Our cooks son) wants to be a DOCTOR when he grows up!
Our cook, Kemboi, has four children and he is a widow. We felt it would be better for his 3 boys and 1 girl to come live with Grace family as Kemboi works long hours cooking for all of the family. Kemboi and his family are in need of your prayers. Kemboi works hard at Grace family and creates some delicious meals! We are thankful for his work and the addition of his children to Grace family home. Kemboi's oldest just headed to high school and the rest of them are going to Chebulbul Primary with Grace family.
Winnie A. wants to be a BANKER when she grows up!

Dennis wants to be an ENGINEER when he grows up!

Ian wants to be an ELECTRICIAN when he grows up!

Christine wants to be a DOCTOR when she grows up!

Winnie A.

Brenda wants to be a POLICE WOMAN when she grows up!

Sharon wants to be a ACCOUNTANT when she grows up!

Duncan (Our cook's son) wants to be an ENGINEER when he grows up!

Winnie K. wants to be a POLICE WOMAN or a HAIRDRESSER when she grows up

Vincent wants to be in the ARMY when he grows up!


Naomi (Our cook's daughter) wants to be SMALL BUSINESS OWNER when she grow up!

Mercy wants to be a TEACHER when she grows up!

Allan Kipchumba wants to be a POLICE MAN when he grows up!

Brenda and Naomi love hanging out together!

Winnie A. and Sharon

Koros with Grace family

The girls with Moses

The boys

The watchman, Lagat with the boys

Duncan and Dennis

Mercy and Winnie A.

Brenda and Sharon

Moses and Mercy being silly!

Gideon and Timothy

Timothy, Lagat and Dennis

Winnie A., Derick, and Naomi

Christine and Sharon

Brenda and Lagat

Winnie A. and Gideon
 Missing all of these children. May the Lord help us and 
give us wisdom in this large family He has given us!