Friday, October 21, 2016

Change is painful.

There has been a lot of hard but good change going on here. 

We had prayed and asked the Lord to direct us as we felt Him asking us to jump out of the boat and take a huge leap of faith. The last time I wrote on the blog was about a month ago. Just after that post we took that big leap that has helped our big family grow and become closer and better.

We had to fire two of our caregivers the same day. They were not creating family unity and were spreading lies. They were stealing from the children and just doing the bare minimum in their job. We had just observed everyone for about a month and a half before taking action. We wanted to investigate and make sure what we were being told from the children, neighbors and various people  was true. It sadly was true and I was heartbroken thinking we had left the children in good hands while we were in America for 2 years. I know the Lord can heal us and help us to move forward into a better life here. He has good plans through all of this.

Victor Kiplagat




Victor Kirwa

Winnie Awino

Vincent Kipkorir



Winnie Kiptoo



Allan Kipchumba


Mercy Jerop

God has given us this big family. We know we were brought back here for such a time as this so we can get our family back on the right track. Please pray with us through this transition and to be patient and loving towards each other. We love and appreciate you all!