"The Bees" Explained...

The “bees” are our symbol!
This originated from the tribe of Kalenjin whom each family has an animal or anything in the world as a symbol for their family (but mostly they are animals).  Our family “Cheromei” are identified as a “bee” family. This means that they cannot intermarry with any other families of bees. All the bees families are our relatives.  We are a hard working family, we work like bees (of course we are the bees). Our family cannot be disturbed or messed with... We are a little creature, but can cause trouble to any other creature if disturbed. We also stick and work together.

Our family name is “Kipkenda... Segemiat” People call us “Kipkenda family,
Kimunjuno, Kapchemunjuno”, we are an extended family. The Bees are now across the ocean... they really like to look for nectar or honey comb everywhere! 

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb
sweet to the soul and 
healing to the bones”
Proverbs 16: 24

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