Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teaching life skills

 Knowing how to take care of a garden and grow your own food is a way of life here. These children need to know these important skills so they can live beyond the children's centre. We are thankful for how they help one another out. Most of the older children each have a little plot that they are growing their own vegetables and they care for it.


Nickson, Koros, Victor, Gideon



Victor, Gideon, and Ian

Nickson, Victor and Gideon

On a walk with Baba.

The two little ones took a walk with Baba.

Lily ended up stopping and having a stare off and being silly with the children that only wanted to look from afar.

Kids love pictures though!

What finally brought them together was a millipede and everyone's curiosity!

play. fun. random.

In Sawich enjoying the forest

I loved these clouds that God created one evening!

Oh how I love these guys!

Serving chai to the children in the morning. :)
Levi is addicted to the chai and keeps coming back for more!

I love to wrestle my brother!

Especially when I am still big enough to hold him down!

I love how they enjoy playing with one another! What energy!!

Iman(Immanuel) our nephew... Lydia's son who is about 21 days older than Lily!

Levi and Iman were loving wrestling and playing with me! They could not get enough of it. I loved their laughter as they were tickled!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Take a walk... make it a game!!

Moses slept the whole time we were on a walk in a sling I was wearing!

Lily took a self portrait with Baba's phone

A tire is a very popular toy here. You can push it down the trail, sit on it, etc.

Two little girls who were curious about all of the children gathering around.

More children kept coming as we walked along.

These children loved their picture being taken!

Lily enjoys holding hands with little girls about her age

Which started a whole chain of children walking together. Levi did not like it when the chain broke because the older children were walking faster.

Such joy to my heart to see all these children connect without words just the power of touch.

Such strong children here who carry siblings or neighbors who are not much smaller than them!

I love the tall skinny trees here. Reminds me of Whoville on the Lorax :)

David asked if the children knew Duck, Duck, Goose. They did know it and everyone had a grand time playing! Even some adults joined in!

Here is the view from where we were playing to the back of GOGCC