Sunday, August 9, 2015


It has been a bout two weeks now since getting back from the mission trip to Kenya. I want to thank Liberty University team and friends for their service for God's glory. It was a heart breaking to me to find a lot of Jiggers in the feet of the needy that I washed especially the children. I cried a lot. Please keep them in your prayers. We take shoes for granted here America but it is really needed somewhere like Gold. I am very guilty and very sad.
Why is it important and what is Jiggers?
Tunga penetrans is known as the chigger, jigger, chigoe, bicho do pé or sand flea. The head is angular, it has no comb of spines, and the thoracic segments are narrow at the top
Effects of Jigger infestation
• High rate of school dropout and poor performance
• Unable to exercise democratic rights, e.g. Voting
• Inability to walk easily due to pain in the affected areas
• Inability to carry out normal day to day activities like working or playing
• Creates more poverty
• Low self esteem resulting from the stigmatisation
• Infections such as HIV/Aids are passed from person to person due to sharing of pins and needles while removing jiggers.
• Disability as people with severe infestation are unable to walk or use their hands
• Death

Those children need medical attention to get all the jiggers out. I instructed some people to use the needle to get it but they are everywhere in the foot. Men, what a painful process. I had some when I was young and I know how painful those children are going through. I would like to make some donations to help them. You can join me if you can. It can be a little as $5-10 per child to get it out and fit them with shoes, also try to find ways to improve their hygiene. Please share with your friends and keep them in your prayers. I am very broken right now. You can use this link to make your donation ASAP

God bless,