Monday, June 30, 2014

Started playing football with uniforms!

 Here are all the children that arrived for church and to their surprise the start of children's World Cup at GOGCC!

 The teams were England, Brazil and Spain!
 Mercy and Levi played with the ball pump during the games!

 Thanks to the RUSH soccer team in Colorado for donating all of the uniforms, socks and other soccer equipment!!!

 In the end there was a shootout between the team Brazil and Spain! Brazil won in the end and they got soccer socks to take home with them! We keep the uniforms at home so that we can play like this every week. We started the soccer teams the same week that the World Cup started! The children were so excited and we have been doing it every Sunday since then. Thank you Lord for fun soccer equipment from RUSH in Colorado!

Found a few more pics of Rebekah and Dan's visit!

Rebekah found a thing of bubbles in a pair of shoes that was donated to GOGCC so Dan and the littles headed out for some bubble fun!

The children wrote their sponsors....

 We sent their letters and pictures by email! It was fun to try this new way to save on postage and time! :)

Winnie A.







Winnie K.



Lily and Moses



Mercy Jerop

I love the series of Mercy ... she is so small and cute in how her smile comes out!