Sunday, January 19, 2014

The new kids on the block...

Timothy Kipchirchir (born in 2004)
Timothy is a bright boy who is eager to play and learn. He enjoys getting to know all of the boys and helps out around the house well. We are thankful for God bringing him into our lives and look forward to how God is going to shape and use him for His Kingdom!
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Allan Kipchumba (born in 2009)
Kipchumba is a rambutious little boy who loves to play with the trucks here. He enjoys taking the role of funny little brother who pushes buttons and sees what he can get away with. He has fun hanging out with all the children and following around the older ones. He is getting used to the many dogs on the property and is a little wary of them. He is a quick learner and will start school soon. Please pray for him as he transitions to life here. We know God has good plans for him!

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Lunch time! Beans and rice
FUN Christmas present from our neighbors in  Damascus, VA- The Keith family!

Brenda and Moses (6 months old!)

Lily and Kipchumba

Gideon with sock animals that were sent from Domonique Locke and her class at school made!
Benard with an alligator

Winnie A. with elephant
Timothy with the squirrel sock animal
Potty training going on here so a lot of pantless Levi!

What are all these animals in the box?!

Eating lunch
Timothy's first meal here. So hungry.
Brenda received a box full of goodies from her sponsors- Tod and Vickie Campbell! She was so excited and surprised it was all for her!

Ring around the Rosy!

Levi loves his running suit that his Momo and Papa gave him!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pack your experience in Kenya into 1 week!

 The Colorado team arrived Jan 2nd at Grace of God Children's Centre and hit the ground running! Literally they went for a jog with David the same day they arrived! Shoo.
 Here they are on Sunday after church making frienship bracelets and button bracelets with the children.
 Time for Hillary our oldest to head back to High School-boarding school. He went for a track workout with the team and had them work hard!

Madi, Luke, David, Morgan, Chris, Ryan, David Lagat (This is a group shot of the UCCS/Wingate team except for David who may end up going to UCCS soon for schooling)

ITEN-Home of the Champions!
The guys on the team helped out with plastering the Bees on a Mission house!


They also worked on chiseling out the brick walls to fit in piping for the master bathroom
Chris and Ryan

David and Ryan chiseling the walls


Got to take a break! Shoo hard work!


So as you all are going through winter there... we have summer time weather here! Lily had to break out her bathing suit and a bottle of water and she just had a blast with cold water!

Pure bliss!
Levi wanted to join in the fun but decided not to when Lily dumped cold water on his head!

The team also helped out at the local school and were honored by the community for their work

Patrick the headmaster plants a tree

Greeting the graduated class 8 children

They got the authentic Kenyan clothes!

The team visited David Lagat's home and were given kalabash (a decorated gourd)
Went on a small safari to Nakuru Game Park

David and Ryan on top of the KICC building in Nairobi

Such awesome sights of the city from up on the KICC building!

Thank you for your visit UCCS/Wingate. Thank you for your help! We pray the Lord blesses the work of your hands and all that you do back at your colleges!