Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nairobi > Kenya

Uncle Joseph and Lily
 Uncle Joseph (David's eldest brother) drove us to Nairobi in his van with all of our luggage! What a blessing to have family close. This is on our walk back from dinner our last night in Kenya.
Baba and Levi

 While on the three different flights that we took to get to America we mostly slept and watched movies!

 Levi's earphones would not stay on his head so he wore his blanket with the earphones! Babs is a genius!

Comforts in an odd place... blankets and thumbs. Thankful for safe travels and being able to catch all of our flights!

The last few days in Kenya...

 The chicken house needed its mud walls redone again so Emily headed up the task!

 Lily really got into remudding the chicken house and giggled and loved the mud getting everywhere! She was also good at learning how to get it to stick on the walls.

Francis our cook and Kugo Paul our groundskeeper working on harvesting the potatoes.

 Playing with the camera!

 We went for one last visit to Kogo and Kugo's house before departure! We also wanted to show David Koros, our manager where David's parents live in case we needed him to help with something.
 Why don't you have a lollipop and some herbal medicine from Kogo??

 These are our munchkins who love the herbal medicine from Kogo called poosarook (sp?). Kogo puts it on their tongue and they also ask for it to be put on their hand so they can lick it off.

 We took Koros around the property.

 Saying goodbye to Kogo...

 Hugs and Kisses!

 While back at home Moses is trying to get to walking!
Levi playing with the truck top of the yellow submarine!

Levi loves to help Baba with bringing in the firewood.

Levi and Mercy


Winnie A. and Sharon

Winnie K.

playing a game that is a combination of hopscotch and kicking a rock around to get it in a specific square and yeah...you will just have to watch it to get the rules and how to play this game!


 We got the car seats out in preparation for our trip to America! We have not used the car seats but a handful of times since moving to Kenya. Children in Kenya just sit on their parents lap which makes it quite easy to pile more people into a car or truck!

 Lily and Levi were having a lot of fun checking out these seats and using them as a place to eat their snacks. :)

Do you think they had these same facial expressions when they actually had to ride in these car seats in America?