Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being a Team Player

US... Fall 2007
Why is it so hard for me to be a team player at times? Why do I have to have my way or the highway? What is up with me competing with David and trying to show that I am better than him?

These are not the qualities of a good wife or a good person for that matter. I have to learn to be more flexible and understand that David is the leader in our family. Even if I think David is wrong about something I need to patiently listen, try it his way, be a supportive encourager so that our life runs more smoothly.

I am sorry Lord for the way that I have treated my husband and have not respected his decisions at times and have questioned him so much. Show me how to be a wife who encourages and works with David as a team. We are constantly signing e-mails or letter with Team Cheromei but I have not been practicing that lately. Show me how to get back to my soccer side... how we worked together as a team to reach a common goal... each player is vital to that goal and if you try to play by yourself than it gets harder and more difficult to reach that goal. I don’t know what is holding me back from being a team player but Lord please show me and help me to rid of it so that I can allow David to be Team Captain and call the shots in our family. Thank you Lord for our family and how you have blessed us so abundantly. You have given me such a man who has a heart to serve you and a sweet daughter to train. Help me to embrace who you have purposed me to be without holding anything back. I want to live this life according to your will and this just to not be words but to put it into practice! Amen!

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