Sunday, August 3, 2014

Package for Derick and Bright new shirts for all the children!

Derick got a package from his sponsor Missy Sawyers! He was so excited and Lily and Levi were so excited to give it to him and see what was inside!

 Derick and his present!

 Fun clothes and a new little truck!
Ian-Captain America
 Here are those bright colored shirts that my parents send to all of Grace family!






Kipchumba=Captain America


Moses and some warm clothes!

Jerop = the princess bird

Lily = I wuv you doggy

Brenda = a kitty and a tiger

Winnie A. = Lots of love

Sharon - a beautiful butterfly

Winnie K. = a Wild fox

Christine = a bright butterfly

Here is our family trying to assemble for a family picture!

That is about the best we can do with such a large family! Haha! Much love from all of us to you!

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  1. Aw im.glad it arrived. Priceless smile. Thank you. Love Missy