Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Prayers for Mercy

We are in need of your prayers and ideas during this time. Mercy Jerop, the sweet little girl who was abandoned near our property is now up for a court date this week to see where she will stay/who will have custody of her. Here is her story of how she arrived: http://www.beesinkenya.blogspot.com/2014/03/mercy-jerop.html.

Our worry is that Mercy might be put back with her mother since the police report was changed (summary of the real story: her mother brought her on a motor bike and dropped her off near our property at around 5am)
We have had 2 court dates already and they are just looking at the paperwork (which has been corrupted and changed) and not asking for witnesses or the real facts.
We found out that someone changed the police report saying that the father (who not yet confirmed to be the real father) was the one who abandoned Mercy. So according this corrupted information, the court could order Mercy to go back to live with her mother since her mother would be innocent according to the corrupted report.  This would be a bad scenario for Mercy since she has already been abandoned once and will be put in danger from the home life she previously had with her mother.
As a children’s home/orphanage we have very limited say in this court case. We are just there to help if they will let us speak up on Mercy’s behalf. We want to help Mercy and anyone the Lord brings our way. This breaks our heart and this is a very difficult situation to be in.

Please keep Grace family and Mercy Jerop in your prayers. We want the best for her life and may the Lord have His way. We are in love with her and through your help we have made a big impact on her life beyond our expectations. May He show mercy to Jerop and give everyone wisdom concerning this case.

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