Monday, March 30, 2015

look how they construct in Kenya and visiting the school! February #3

Leveling off the beams

Koros and Jay

Auntie Emily and Moses watching the construction!

Here are the audience of kids who love to watch from the fence the progress of the sawmill shed

What hard workers!

Naomi, Christine and Auntie Emily

Pat and Mercy

Praise time at night!

Propane stove for cooking

Pat, Moses and Emily

Time for the roof framing!

Sawmill shed coming along!

Spectators from the neighborhood

Kugo Paul our hard working gardener!

Moses and Auntie Emily

Pat preparing crafts!

Time to create! 

Peeling MORE potatoes!

The principal at Chebulbul Primary school with Jay, Tom and Pat

Sharing the Gospel and entertaining the children at Chebulbul Primary


Chebulbul lower classes like Pre-K to Grade 3

Upper classrooms Grade 4-8

Offices for teachers

 Thank you for all of your help Tom, Pat and Jay!!! We love you all!

Moses, Auntie Emily and Pat

Thank you for constructing the awesome sawmill shed! What great work!

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