Sunday, September 13, 2015

God's Mission

Dear GOGCP Supporters,

On behalf of Grace of God Children’s Project (GOGCP) I would like to thank you for your support, prayers, and any involvement on this year’s mission trip to Kenya with the Liberty University team! Here is what the team achieved with God’s strength and through your support and prayers: 
  • Started to build the outer walls of 3 classrooms at GOGCC (Grace of God Children’s Centre) for a school we hope to start in the near future!
  • Organized a sustainable agriculture workshop at GOGCC and helped with some farm work
  • Track construction where it was measured out to be a 200 meters track with 4 lanes
  • Sports ministry at GOGCC which was a week long track camp to prepare for a track meet at the end of the week
  • Free Medical clinic in 4 locations (Kaptagat, Pokot, Kapsigot and Maasai Mara)
  • Distribution of food to the needy families in Pokot
  • Washed feet as a sign of God’s love and provided them with shoes
  • Distribution of clothing to the needy families in Pokot, Kaptagat, Kapsigot and Maasai Mara
  • Witnessed to various people during revival and evangelism meetings
  • Constructed two water towers at GOGCC for reliable water source
  • Visited schools and played with children and spent time in the classrooms
  • Played games with Grace family and showed them great love and attention
  • Built 2 houses for the needy out of timber and corrugated iron sheets
Here is the link for the pictures of the above projects!
      For a video of the trip created by Colin Schultz who went on the trip, click  HERE!!!!!
There is still a lot of work to be done on building the school… the walls are only halfway up. The team didn’t have enough time or funds to complete it. If you feel led to help, please do! You can go click the links below and donate using Paypal: 
Or send a check to: 
          409 Savannah Ave.
          Lynchburg, VA 24502 
Here are the links for online donation with the credit card. We apologize our website is currently down, please use the links below:
# Help complete classrooms (roofing-$1,500, plastering-$1,000, concrete-$1,200, windows and doors $600, Furniture and blackboard-$1,750, Labor $1,500, Estimated total=$7,550) : 
Click HERE if you would like to make a donation
# Mission Funds to complete unfinished projects:
Click HERE
    While I (David) was in Kenya, it was heart breaking for me to find a lot of Jiggers (tiny bugs that burrow in the feet and constantly bite and dig and make their homes in feet that are dirty, have open wounds, no shoes) in the feet of the needy people that we washed, especially the children. Please keep them in your prayers. We take shoes for granted here in America but it is really needed in Pokot where someone feels like they have Gold when they have shoes for their feet. I am feeling guilty and sad about not doing anything about this situation. I feel like we can do something about it. To read more about it and what I want to do with God’s help click HERE.
    We would like to gather some donations to help them. You can join us, if you can. It can be a little as $5-10 per child to get the Jiggers out and fit them with shoes, also try to find ways to improve their hygiene. Please share with your friends and keep them in your prayers. I am very broken right now. You can use this link to make your donation ASAP: Click HERE
The trip was very successful and a lot of things were accomplished according to God’s will. Thank you so much for everything and God bless.

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