Thursday, October 29, 2015


Yesterday was the day to pack this great big container that God has had on our hearts for a long time now... maybe 4 years in the making. We had been collecting donations before we moved to Kenya in June 2013. While we were in Kenya, Donna Johnson took over the container items and stored them and started researching how to send a container and raise the funds to send one! 

All kinds of things people have brought us over the years and each one is going to be a blessing to our Grace family home in Kenya, or the community! We are so thankful for your generosity and help in donating, praying, supporting, and organizing this monumental project!

The rainbow ushered us in to start the day reminded of God's promises!

Time to start unloading what came from Lynchburg donations!

All of the other donations are in the building piled high and nicely organized by Donna Johnson and her crew! We are so thankful for all the hours and hard work they put into helping it all to be easily accessed once the container arrived!

Woohoo! The truck has arrived with the container!

Levi, Donna and Lily showing their excitement about the container arriving!

Here is the empty 40ft container! Now let's get to work!

Levi was content to play in the empty UHAUL with some cars that he brought! :) 

Tom helping God's great gifts being packed up and shipped to His people in Kenya!

Here is the donated Ford tractor! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

Hello blue tractor! You are going to help us out so much in Kenya!!!

Our littler helpers loved to get the boxes and push them all the way back to those who were stacking them up at the back!

The driver (Mike) of the tow truck that brought the tractor even got in and helped us load boxes! 

Pushing it to the back!

Johnny and Jesse

Trying out the bikes and trikes before they head on the container!

Ladders! Such a blessing to have in Kenya as the ones that we have at our property are make of wood and just break at random times!

Lily loved standing not he top step of this and talk with us and narrate what was going on!

Now the tractor is ALL ready to be loaded on the container! Zion is ready!

Johnny stepped right up and showed his muscles! He was ready to get that blessed tractor loaded!

It cleared all the way through!

Levi loved going around with Baba in the UHAUL!

Tom read up on how to secure the tractor for the long journey in the container!

Time to unload another load of blessings!

Lily hula hooping with Martha!

Lily wanted Martha and Lynda (Donna's sisters) to all get in the hula hoop

Carpet heading to Kenya!

Russell a friend of Donna's stopped by to help!

Loading the cross! We are in awe of YOU, JESUS, as You have orchestrated every little detail!

We were all so ready to get every single thing on there!

Lily dancing for the helpers!

Basketball hoop heading to Kenya!

Chalkboard loaded... for our NEW SCHOOL!

I am so proud of this lady who wanted to help in any way possible... she carried the small boxes, encouraged the helpers, and was a joy to have around!

 What GREAT help the Lord sent our way to help get this container off to Kenya!

This little Lucy was on my back the whole day and never complained. She observed everyone and just hung out with us! I loved being able to have the freedom to help load boxes! It was great fun to celebrate my 30th birthday filling a container with blessings for our Grace family and community in Kenya!

Martha hamming it up for Lily the photographer!

Lynda captured by Lily

Donna captured by Lily

Johnny captured by Lily

Dave stopped by to say hello and bring some last minute donations!

 Time to close up the container after all of the helpers laid their hands and prayed for safe journeys! God has got it all in HIS POWERFUL HANDS!

See you later container! May all those donations safely pass through customs and be a blessing to many in Kenya!!!

Donna shared this Word with us this morning: 
"And here are His Word for us this morning, the day after the send off:
I remind you to keep using the gift God gave you...Now let it grow, as a small flame grows into a fire. God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a Spirit of power and love and self-control. I am sure He is able to protect what He has trusted me with until that day. (2 Timothy 1:6,7,12)
Enflame us Lord Jesus with Your Spirit and the directions for our next tasks!"

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