Monday, November 30, 2015

Finally an update from Grace family!!!

Can I just tell you how EXCITED I am to see these pictures of our family from Hillary our oldest at Grace family! Wow! I am jumping out of my skin when I write this! I can't wait to be back with all of them living life and exploring and learning the Kenyan ways. Shoo! It is hard to be away from our big family!
Victor, Moses, Dennis, Derick and Kipchumba

Playground at Grace of God Children's Centre

Neighbor girl, Mercy and Moses

Sharon, Winnie A., Brenda, Naomi 
Hillary showing off his rabbit and baby bunnies!

Vincent and a rabbit!

Mercy with some ones big shoes on!

Mercy, Emily and Moses

Digging of the latrines (Toilets) for the school

Baby Bunnies

Breakfast before school time!

Winnie K. Making the chai

Dennis ready for school

Derick and Victor playing!

Brenda growing so tall!

Winnie Awino!

Loving to pose!

When David showed me this picture on his phone I asked him who is this?
Haha! Hillary has grown into such a handsome man! I love his style!

Hello Sharon!

Winnie Kiptoo and Winnie Awino!

Winnie Kiptoo!

Naomi (Kemboi our cook's daughter)


Winnie K. and Sharon

Hello little man! Missing you, Moses! Did you know that when David was in Kenya for that month in July, Moses followed him around and wanted to be held by David any chance he got. We found it so sweet that he remembered David!

Winnie A. and Christine! I love how they are posing in all the pictures! Where did they get that from? 

Winnie K. and Brenda

Ian... this is another one who I did not recognize on David's phone! Growing so much!


We feel God is going to use this school more than just a place where children will come to learn. It will be a place for locals to come for agricultural workshops, a place for pastors to come for spiritual teaching, Sunday services, etc.!!!
The Educational Centre is coming along!

Three classrooms in this building. Also you can see the crops are growing from the agricultural workshop this past July!

The end of the school

Inside the school

The entrance of the school

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