Friday, September 29, 2017

Day Two

Day two started out great with getting more of the industrial strength swing set hardware up!
A lot of the work today was focused on the little one's play area!
The deck to the slide area was put in place.
The Grace Family Educational Centre school kids who were playing in the field were saying they can't wait to play at the new playground!!!
After lunch the railing was put up around the little one's deck and the hearty stairs were made and put into place!
Bryan and Joseph were working on cutting down the railing to fit for Tom to put in.
Joseph loves to learn from Tom and Bryan and to be able to use the awesome power tools!
Kipchumba, Moses and Lily enjoyed using the leftover wood to make puzzles and homes!
Sitting on the new steps of the little one's play place eating popcorn!
Peekaboo Lucy!
Lucy and Moses enjoying a new place to play!
Yahoo! 3 swings up and a tire swing... 5 more swings to go of various heights! The kids are loving it all already! Thank you Lord for your strength and inspiration to the strong men to make these amazing improvements!

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