Saturday, October 20, 2012

lights and mirrors

A lot was going on yesterday and God worked in MIGHTY ways!

We were having a realtor show our house in the evening so we were trying to clean, take care of our little ones who have colds, put up mirrors, etc. Needless to say I was stressed and overwhelmed at times about all that needed to be done and just had to keep giving it to God. Well, as God always does when we pray... He showed up in big ways!

We needed the light in the upstairs room to be repaired so that they could look at the room when the house was shown by the realtor. We asked our neighbor to come and check it out but he was busy. We moved on with other things. David headed out to get another mirror (our realtor said that mirrors really trick the eye and help the rooms look bigger). So David was set on finding a mirror for absolutely every mirror in the house. I told him it as a bit overkill but he said in such a serious manner "You really don't know what a difference this is making!" and so I was like "What you have sold 20 houses or something?!" haha. Life with my man is a blast!

Anyway, once David headed out to get one last mirror (a humongous one that I saw at the thrift store the day before) our neighbor popped on by and said he did have time to look at the light right then. What a God send! So while he fixed our light David came back with the humongous mirror and a nice man that he met at the thrift store that was also buying something and asked if David wanted some help putting it up! Wow again how God works! We would have had a time putting up a heavy mirror with just us two and the little ones getting under foot.

In all the light was fixed upstairs and the humongous mirror was set up in the living room with great screws and strong men! God is AWESOME! I love how He is like just you wait little lady, this will be taken care of. Don't stress because I have it under control. Just wait for My timing so I can get the glory! Woohoo!

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