Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attacked but not defeated.

The devil is hard at us now that the days are drawing near for our move to Kenya! Wow. Today especially we have felt it as it seems that the devil does not like it when the Lord is praised! When God prevails through the impossible the devil likes to see how to get us from another angle. To bring us down when we were just praising and thanking God a minute ago. Been feeling like Job today and just remembering to praise God through these storms. To thank Him for how He is still working on our behalf. How the angels are watching over us when all the demons want to attack us and bring us down! We will keep on trusting and praising the Lord even when all we want to do just give up because it seems too hard. It is more IMPORTANT to live out God's purpose for our lives than to try to live an easy carefree life that does not have any challenges. If you don't feel attacked or challenged recently you may not be bothering the devil because you are not standing up for Jesus and shouting aloud all HE has done for you! Just a thought... take it or leave it.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our adventures and mission in Kenya! We thank you for how you have supported us and given us encouragement! Much love from our family to yours.

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