Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 days to go!

It is time for the Bee family to head on an adventure! God has called us to go to Kenya and we leave June 4th. … about 6 days till go time!  We appreciate your prayers and support during this time as we transition and get settled into the children’s ministry.

Our blog that we will try to keep up with:
Our U.S. address: 13461 Stone Dr. Bristol, VA 24202 (we know there is a different address that you got on the magnets we sent out but we had to change it from SC because of all of the paperwork it would take to change 501(c) (3) to a different state.)
Our Kenyan address: GOGCC PO BOX 141 Kaptagat, Kenya - East Africa

Everything is so busy right now as we try to wrap things up in the US. We praise the Lord for answered prayers and how He has provided for this move! We love you and keep in touch! David, Laurel, Lily and Levi Cheromei (Bees in Kenya!)

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