Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Christmas Smile for you!

I am not sure if you have ever sponsored a child in need through our ministry or through other ministries.  You may have a received a letter or card from a child calling you  “Dad or Mum”.  Why would a child call me Dad and Mum? I know you may be asking yourself a million questions as to why a child calls you “Dad and Mum/Dad or Mum” Here are a few reasons:

1.     It's not about the money you give but it is all about the life you give to the child. The child sees you as the only one who provides for him or her to meets his/her needs, these needs would never have been met without you sponsoring him/her.
2.     The child sees you as Dad or Mum (period). Most children have come from a very difficult situation or have been abandoned. The child might have never had real Dad and Mum in his/her life. You fill that empty space is his/her life with your overflowing love. In the child’s mind, you become two in one (Dad and Mum). You are everything to him or her.
3.     Kenya has various tribes with difference cultures. It is very rude for a child to call you by your name. It is very respectful for a child to call you Dad or Mum, especially if you are somehow involved in his or her life.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is indescribable. It is amazing to hear a child from across the ocean call you "Dad or Mum".It would be of great if you could consider sending a Christmas gift to a child by donating a few dollars for a child  to buy new clothes or meet his/her pressing need. You can use this one time donation to give a child a Christmas smile. one-time giving
It would be of great help for you to consider giving a life to child by sponsoring a child through Grace of God Children’s Project. It is amazing and it is going to change your life and the life of the child, it has already change our lives. When sponsoring a child, your donation goes to the needs of a child, which include food, clothing, shoes, clean water, school supplies, shelter, health services and social services. Here is the link to our sponsor page if you are interested sponsoring a child: sponsor a child now
Thank you again for your continued support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
David Cheromei on behalf of Grace family

By the way, this is our new mailing address for Grace of God Children’s Project:
409 Savannah Ave.
Lynchburg, VA 24502
434-258-4908 (David)

434-515-3143 (Laurel)

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