Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hillary and manhood

Hillary is in the middle with the baseball cap on and graduation gown!
 Hillary is now 18 years old and just went for a month to a local church with boys his age for the manhood training that every male goes through in Kenya at some point between 10-19 years of age in Kenya depending on your tribe. The one that Hillary went to the men and elders of the community and church came in to teach the boys various skills and Bible teachings about what it means to be a man and take care of the family and such. We are proud of Hillary and all he did this past month to learn and grow. The following pictures are from the ceremony of all the boys who became men completing their training and celebrating that they are now men!
What a family we have! So thankful for them and we miss them so much! I am thankful to know they are in good hands. We are truly blessed.
Vincent, Timothy, Victor, Gideon, Moses, Hillary, Allan Kipchumba, Derick, Dennis and Ian

Christine, Brenda, Winnie A. HIllary, Mercy Jerop, Sharon and Winnie K.
 Moses is now walking! He is quite the active little boy! Moses was on the verge of walking before we left in August but now he walks on his own and is just growing so big!
Christine and Hillary

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