Friday, June 7, 2013


Greetings family and friends!
We have safely arrived in Kaptagat, Kenya on Thursday morning (where Grace of God Children’s Centre is located and also where our home is). When we arrived at the airport there was a billboard that said “You call it Africa, we call it home”. My first reaction was like yeah right…I don’t think so… my heart is still in America and most of my family is there! But I see the Lord changes my heart and attitude when I am open to Him. I already feel myself settling into a slower pace of life. I really enjoy living on a farm where we have a garden of various vegetables growing, chickens roaming all around the yard, cows grazing nearby, little dogs who are curious, and a cat who loves to beg for food.
The children at the Centre are quite shy at first. Some of them just observe you and others love to involve you in a game with a ball. Our Lily has enjoyed playing with the girls at the Centre and she loves to get anyone around to chase her! Levi is having a hard transition as he has not slept or eaten well since arrival partly because of a cough and lots of teeth coming in. David has been busy getting things together for our family in town.
We pray this finds you well. Keep us in your prayers and let us know what we can pray for you about! Enjoy the weekend! Much love, The Bee family

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