Friday, August 16, 2013

Relay time! Wooo! Team Moses and Team Abraham!

 What a fun Friday! We had the children and staff split into two teams- Team Moses and Team Abraham. What a fun time we all had cheering each other on and competing against one another. Each team member would run one lap around our soccer field and pass off the baton (a stick from a tree) to the next team member. Team Moses won which was composed of: Eliud, Auntie Sarah, Eunice, Winnie A., Wilson, Brenda, Ian, Christine, Teresa, and Nickson. The rest were on Team Abraham: Roy, Gideon, Victor, Vincent, Dennis, Benard, Sharon, Koros, Laurel, and Winnie K. David (the kids gave him the nickname Zion since we have two David's here) was the referee, Levi clung to Laurel and screamed the whole time she ran around the field, Moses refereed with Zion and Lily was taking a nap. Team Abraham had another chance to face off Team Moses when we did a 4x4 and Team Abraham won! So much cheering and running! So many fast kids and some found out how out of shape they are. We had everyone stretch and drink lots of water after all the fun!
Eliud and Roy

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