Friday, August 9, 2013


Benard and Eliud
 The story of the tortoise starts with some of our neighbors. They found this tortoise in the bushes and they thought they would sell it to us as a pet! I guess a lot of people have this idea that a muzungu (white person) would enjoy exotic pets ( this is what I was told by Sarah our matron).
Lily, Eliud, Benard

Lily, Victor, Roy, Benard, Dennis, Eliud, Vincent

Roy was wondering what would happen to the tortoise if you turn it over. What curious boys!

The three on the right are the neighbor children who though that we would enjoy having a tortoise as a pet!
Victor, Lily, neighbor girl, Brenda and Sharon

When the kids came from school that day they were surprised and curious by the tortoise.

Christine, Teresa, Nickson, Lily, Winnie A., Neighbor girl

Eunice, Dennis, Brenda, Christine, Teresa, Nickson, Lily

To say the least we did not accept the tortoise as a pet. We have enough of a zoo here! Haha.

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