Friday, August 16, 2013

The Yellow Submarine...

The truck was named the Yellow Subarine and we sure felt like we were in a submarine on Friday! Shooo.... after our fun relay time we told the children we would head to town to eat out and have some more fun! We fit 20 children in the truck and 5 adults... can you imagine?! That is the way that you travel in Kenya... cram as many as people possible into one vehicle and go and pray for the best! On our way there the breaks on the truck stopped working fully and it was quite the adventure! We thank the Lord that we were able to make it to town. Ever since arriving here David has had to take this truck to the shop weekly or sometimes daily for something that is not working. Please pray with us in what to do about the truck... we would love to sell it but we don't have the funds for another vehicle. This truck has been such a blessing to have as we get bulk food for the home from stores in town, we use it for transportation, going to get good grass for the cows, running errands, getting building materials, etc.
Roy and Dennis people watching
Brenda, Sharon, Winnie K., Gideon, Nickson and Benard

Eliud, Hillary and Christine... We had to wait around in town for a bit for David to figure out what we were going to do. We had the plans to go to the tallest building in Eldoret and for the children who did well in school to be able to ride the elevator but that fell through. Then we were planning on going to the Coke factory but they said it was too late for visitors to come through. Then it started raining and we forgot all the umbrellas in the truck that went to the shop! Always an adventure but the kids seemed to really enjoy watching all the various people in town. Auntie Sarah made the observation that some of the children would start by looking at the people's shoes and look up to their head. :)

Finally something worked out for us! We went to a restaurant called Members where we had barbequed goat with ugali and tomatoes and onions on the side. It was so good and everything was eaten! We even brought home the bones for our four dogs to enjoy!

Another blessing was a television where we were able to watch the World Championships Track and Field events! What cheering when the Kenyan's won! I was so torn of who to cheer for... Kenya or USA???

Moses was quite a trooper through all our adventures and games on Friday! We were so proud of him!

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