Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lots to catch up on! Enjoy!

Mercy Jerop an awesome addition to our family. She is this lovable little girl who loves tickles, hugs and attention!

Moses is getting on the move. He can't quite get his belly off the floor but can certainly scoot to what he wants!

Had to change it up one day and watch a movie during the day instead of just at night. Showed Curious George to the younger kids and they loved it!

Nickson and Dennis
 Some friends of ours from Illinois- Nick and Michelle Glimsdahl sent us some solar audio players from InTouch Ministries! We have been enjoying them! They have sermons from Dr. Charles Stanley and also the New Testament read aloud and Psalms and Proverbs! Thank you for this gift!
Nickson, Benard and Dennis

Winnie K.

Sharon and Dennis

Benard and Nickson

As you can see when the older children came back from school they were also so surprised a movie was on and also loved the adorable little Curious George movie!

Joseph-David's eldest brother, Levi, Lily and Mercy

We went to the market to find some jackets for the little ladies :) Fun finds less than 3 dollars and they want to wear them everyday!

Planting oats

Victor and Derek

Cowboy hat and rainboots were my getup for planting!

Have you ever done a frog jump? When the children are not listening here they have to get to the frog jumps. Your thighs feel so good after!

Took a walk with some of the ladies

Sharon, Winnie K. Winnie A. Brenda, Me, Mercy, Lily and Levi

Levi wanted a flower in his hair

Best move out of the way for cows!

Swinging from the trees! Such monkeys!

Dennis, Derek, Levi and Brenda sweeping

Dennis fell asleep listening to his audio player of Dr. Charles Stanley's sermons!

Dennis and Benard
Chebisaas Boys school where Hillary goes to boarding high school

Hillary's school invited us to come to Thanksgiving day at the school to thank the Lord for all he did last year!

Fun drawing in the dirt!

Got to love the baby wearing!

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