Friday, April 4, 2014


It is hard to believe
June 2013, my wife, Laurel our little ones Levi, Lily and I made a decision to leave everything and our home in Damascus, VA and move to Kenya, Africa to do God’s work. Our mission was to lead our projects in Kenya which includes: managing Grace of God Children’s Centre, leading outreach projects and partnering with local projects and spreading the Word of God to everyone that comes our way.
Months after our arrival at Grace of God Children’s Centre, we received various reports from the children that one of the teachers at the school was abusing them and other issues that have been going on at the school. We have been dealing with such issues for a while now and God has been helping us through everything. May The Lord be praised! We believe that it is now the time to start building a school for the children on our property to better impact the children in all areas (education, emotional well being, spiritually).   A few weeks ago we met with the board members of Grace of God Children’s Centre to discuss the best way to serve our children and the children in the community. The following is what we came up with:
a.To move Grace family children out of the school for safety reasons if needed(there have been reports of abuse by one of the teacher)(-Now Resolved)
b.To build a structure to start the younger classes on Grace of God property (something that could cost less than $5,000). This will help us best help others with quality education. We would enroll children in the community.- Fundraising in progress
c.Counseling our children about the abuse and trying to heal from the past.
d.To continue doing good even when evil and crazy people are all around us
e.To continue with our daily activities and be careful with everything
f.To be good steward of our resources and to our Lord Jesus
g.To be open to the situation and go with what God leads
h.To share with our donors and all our other stakeholders, ask them for support and prayers. 

    Here is the break down of the cost of materials per classroom:


    The above figures are the amount per classroom. We would like to build 5 classes (preschool to 4th grade).
     We are praying for 100 people to donate  $50 towards this need of building a school for the needy. Let us know if the Lord is speaking to your heart.    Click Here to make your donation

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