Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visitors! Haircuts! Funny children!

Moses needed a haircut...

He was very still and allowed us to cut his hair.

Our Visitors... Rebekah and Dan playing with Mercy Jerop

Mercy loves cuddles and to be carried around!

Levi saw Moses getting his haircut and insisted on his being all buzzed off too! I miss his curls but he loves being bald!

He also sat very still with his tongue sticking out. :-P

Rebekah at the Great Rift Valley

Rebekah is here to recruit runners for Liberty University so she has been going to many different running camps and hanging out at the local running tracks
Since it is not warm enough here to just wear shorts... Levi opts for his shorts over his pants!

Sunday children having a BLAST with Dan who pushed each child on the rope swings. He would say each child's name while pulling them up and then when he would let this swing go he would make noises with his mouth each time the child swung back and forth! The kids started copying his noises and were fighting for who was next to be pushed!

Levi likes to observe from the safety of Mama.

Mercy, Dan and Kipchumba

Dennis and Lily

Victro and Levi

Winnie Awino
 On another day we went on a walk to find a dirt track that a lot of runners meet at to do their workouts!

 These three when they get together are just so funny. They all found flowers, ticklers (reeds), found objects on the walk and were putting them in their hair or behind their ears!

 I also had to get a picture of them all in their stripes! Not planned but fun!
 Levi has a berry of some sort... not edible behind his ear!

 The munchkins all went after everyone with their ticklers!

We also visited Chebulbul Primary where Grace family attends! So fun to play with the children!

 Just yesterday these three were like this! Haha! I love how I ask for pictures and they just ham it up!

We also took a walk yesterday. It rained the night before so we had to go to a fence to get the mud off the bottom of our shoes!

Moses also went along with us on our walk! Can you believe that this little guy will be 1 year old on JUNE 24!!!!

Sister and Brother!

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