Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cake eating, Welcoming commitee, ice cream

 Here is David's view when he gets home! That speck is Levi... part of the welcoming committee
 following Levi is Lily and Jerop... They try to make it to the main gate before Baba makes it all the way home so they can ride in the truck!

 Mmmmmm Baba got us some pink cake with yummy icing in town!

David spoke at the local church and many received Christ! So encouraging to see God moving in the community!

Another one decided to accept Jesus as Savior!
Lily got these Tigger pajamas at the market and LOVES them. She is so into pajamas that have the matching top and bottom.

Lily and Jerop on the seesaw!

A treat of ice cream on another time that we went to town. As you can see we love sweets here and it is so fun to see these little ones experience ice cream!

Lily being funny with her ice cream all over her! She asks for ice cream every time we go to town! She knows that the supermarkets have it and wants to go there first!

Levi kept saying "shoo this is soo good!"

So I was a little wary of painting the floors in the Bees house with Red Oxide Floor Paint...
But then I realized it would work really well to cover up all of the paint splotches I got on the floor! Haha! I also like the color... finishes out the room well and gives it a clean look!

As you can see the peek of the master bedroom door... I painted it orange and love it!

Closet area and toilets/shower room of the master bedroom

This room was in GREAT need of the floor paint as the paint from all of the stripes dripped down and puddled on the floor! Thankful for the invention of floor paint!

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  1. Great smiles! Great pictures! Love the colors of the rooms and floors! Love, Daddio/Papa