Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hi-diddy Ho! We are back!

Lily is in love with being a mommy to all of her babies

While Levi is really into helicopters... Papa (my dad) sent these two pictures of these helicopters to Levi and he studies them and about every day he asks to look at them on my phone!

This is a pic my dad took at the Mall of America in MN for Levi!

Levi also enjoys carrying around the babies on his back!

While Lily has been carting around some her babies in Levi's dump truck!

These two... so cute... I love the bond God has created between them!
LOVE! from the back can you tell who is who?

We occasionally find these guys in the house! I was quite surprised to find it on my pen bag!

Today I captured this goodness! Lily made her own "fire" with rocks and was cooking various things like dirt and flowers in her basin!

She is making her "ugali" here out of dirt

Got to keep the food cooking on the fire!

Derek and some of the other boys kept bringing Lily various found items in the tires for her to cook! I love how children's minds work!

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