Monday, August 22, 2016

Let us start at the beginning!

I am finally getting around to our pictures from the beginning of our move here! We have almost been in Kenya 2 weeks now! Wow time is flying by quickly! There are so many times that I want to sit down and write our blog and update you all with pictures but time runs on by and there is just so much to do here. We are still settling back into our home here.... unpacking, cleaning out the cobwebs, sorting through various boxes! It is taking quite a while since all our children want to do is go play with Grace family from morning until bedtime! Shoo! Grace family has been on school break since the beginning of this month and will head back to school the end of this month. What a treat it has been for everyone to be able to play and get to know each other!

We are working on getting chores implemented well so that the older children are helping and teaching the younger children. We are trying to work with the staff on various things. Shoo we are tired at the end of the day. We need your prayers for guidance and a clear vision of what God wants us to do each day. We easily get overwhelmed with all the things we still need to work on with the children, building bridges back with people in the community that some people burned, training staff, getting settled in our home and such. We thank the Lord for you and your support! The Lord has brought so many people together for His work!

Now onto some pictures!
What fun to have no more carseats! The kids got to ride in the back of the truck when we were picked up from the airport by Lydia's husband! 

Lucy absolutely loves all of the animals here! We have 2 cats and about 6 dogs! Thankfully all the animals are very tolerant and will allow Lucy to follow them around and pet them!

Mercy and Lily are back together! 

Lily enjoys to call to people from the fort!

Kipchumba, Levi and Kirwa

Levi enjoys watching the children's shenanigans! 
Lucy enjoys the antics of the boys making her laugh as Brenda carries her around! 

We all love riding in the Yellow Submarine!  

We got to go visit Kogo (David's Mom) at David's older brother's home, Joseph, about 20 minutes from our home! 
Since arriving in Kenya we have been trying to get some of the Grace family children out a little at a time as we go various places or Zion heads out to town for various items! Here are Moses, Winnie Awino and Kipchumba with us!

Moses our 3 year old and Lucy 18months! The look to be the same torso height! 

Lucy saw Moses eating food at pointed that she wanted to sit next to him and eat also!

Me, Winnie Awino and Lily for a selfie 
Lily and Lucy making some funny faces for the camera!

Levi and Kiphcumba hiding. They are quite inseparable lately!

On the dirt roads Zion allows the children to try out driving! It is quite a different life here! Here is Kipchumba!

Levi loves it!

Lucy loves to also check out the sights while we park the truck!

Lucy loves going down our slides here! They are so fast someone has to go with her! Here are Kirwa, Victor and Mercy (underneath the slide)! 
Playing around the area where we milk the cows! Quite an audience and Lily was waiting to learn how to milk the cow!

Lily milking Brownie

Lots of people gathering around to see who Lily was doing with milking the cow! On a sidetone: the two kids with the hats on are Kipchumba and Levi. Whatever Kipchumba puts on after a shower Levi will come run home and see if he has anything similar to wear! Levi loves they both have hats. Another time Levi wore a button down shirt when Kipchumba had one on... etc.

Little monkeys---Moses, Gideon and Kirwa

Victor, another monkey! 
Yahoo! Lots of fun high flying tire swinging! How many people can you count?!
Brenda lining everyone up for the tire swing!

 It is time for bed now! It is 4pm EST your time and 11pm our time! Thank you Lord the providing good internet! We love you all!

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