Sunday, September 4, 2016

Always playing catch up!

 Kugo, David and Dennis had some adventures in Nairobi, Kenya, the capital city! David picked Dennis to go on this trip since he has been doing so well in school. The goal of the trip was to get a VISA for Kugo (David's father) for America. Kugo was denied a VISA when he wanted to travel to our wedding in 2008. Only David's Mom and brother Jeremiah were able to make it to our wedding. God provided and Kugo got a VISA to America so we are praying the Lord would show us when to send him there! Kugo is quite excited to finally be able to go to America! Kugo is a retired English teacher who can't wait to travel and see what everyone is talking about from their travels to America!
Eating at restaurants is such a treat!

 David surprised Kugo and Dennis with a ride in a plane home from Nairobi to Eldoret! First time for both of them! Quite exciting times!!

Kugo a little confused by the selfie!
Here are the children who are a part of the Harambee Foundation who sponsor children in the surrounding communities to go to high school! It is quite expensive to go to high school and if you come from a impoverished family it is a daunting task to pay for your child to go through high school. The vision 

Levi chasing the baby goat

Hauling rocks and gravel!

Lucy managing the progress! Haha!

Such sweet helpful children!

Mercy and Lily helping the fundi to put the glass in the windows.

Lots of eyes watching the mechanic tune up the truck!


Putting grease where needed... Derik, Levi and Kipchumba looking on!

Playing with cars on the veranda! 
Victor Kirwa

Moses driving the cars...

Lucy loves her dogs... this dog wants some scraps!

Lucy trying to carry everything!

Victor Kiplagat having great fun!
 One evening I walked down to our field and I see people making laps! The kids were having races amongst themselves and just going lap after lap!
Moses and Kipchumba
Victor Kirwa... this boy has speed and endurance and quite the infectious laugh!

Levi running in!

Lily giving out high fives! Great encourager!

The crew of runners! 

Zion talking with the two youngest... Moses and Lucy

So that container that was sent way back when had these gifts tucked away for the kids! They loves these sleeping bags with stuffed animals that come with them! Lily and a western themed sleeping bag!

Levi with his safari theme!

Kipchumba loves to carry Lucy around and show her various things!

Kipchumba, Lucy and Levi eating supper!

A few of our dogs... I think we have 6 in all! Haha! Most of them are friendly and very sociable! 

We went to Joseph's house (David's eldest brother) for a youth rally for high school and college age children.

We bought more trees to plant!

Lucy enjoys chasing the goats also!

Dennis working at the shamba (garden)

Levi checking out the growth in the garden

collard greens are growing here!

Kipchumba, Mercy, Lucy and I hanging out.


It has taken a few days to get the paperwork for all of the high school students sponsored by Harambee foundation organized! Shoo! 

I am thankful for a lot of help!

Moses and Kemboi our cook working in the shamba!

We also wanted to celebrate with the staff and the children all the hard work that had been accomplished! We celebrated with sodas, juice and oranges!

Moses eating lunch!

Sharon and I.

Winnie K. and Naomi

Winnie A., Brenda and Kipchumba

Kirwa, Victor, Winnie A. Mercy, Brenda and Levi eating lunch!


Lily getting her soda!

Oh how she has had so much fun with all of our animals here!

This hard challenging life is worth it because we know the God has great plans. He is our strength and protection. God gives us wisdom and such great help and inspiration! Thank you for coming along with us in the journey!

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