Friday, February 10, 2017

Fabulous Friday!

I went for a hike with the 6 youngest of the family! Such fun friendships between all the little ones! I love how Moses is finally warming up to us again. So many changes for the youngest in Grace family that I think it took him a while to figure out where he belongs. Moses has been the youngest in the family for 3 years and when Lucy came she changed all of that!
This is a little creek/ marsh area close to our home the kids love to come to! Water always draws kids in but this one has been drying up like all other areas because of VERY little rain. Please pray the Lord  would rain down precious water!

The kids started running up and down this hill and cheering each other on! Great hill repeats as a runner would call them.

These two were being silly and chewing on sticks.

This is Emily a woman who was walking by when we were cheering each other on doing hill repeats! She stopped by and encouraged the children about their dreams for the future and to work hard in school. She is a mama of 5 children with her youngest being in grade 7. A very sweet woman sent by Jesus.
Two peas in a pod exploring nature!
Mercy is in grade 1 at Grace family Educational Centre.
Levi is in kindergarten at home. 
Lucy will be turning 2 in 8 days!!! 
Lily is in grade 1 with Mercy some days at Grace family Educational Centre and some days at home. She enjoys mixing it up.
Moses is in Pre-K (baby class as we call it in Kenya) at Grace family Educational Centre.
Allan Kipchumba is in grade 2 at Chebulbul primary school with the rest of Grace family.
Mercy loves to get her picture taken!

Thank you Jesus for this family you have given us. I pray we would continue to serve you well, come together as a family and follow your plans for our lives.

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