Thursday, February 16, 2017

Family pictures!

 Salutations from our large family! Thank you for being patient with us as we play catch up and update you on our lives in Kenya! These pictures were from about two and half months ago when everyone was home from school for break! We all had so much fun dressing up and getting ready for family picture day! We pray you enjoy.
Here is our picture of the whole family that also our dog, Rosalind wanted to be in! 
 All the guys starting from the back left- Zion, Hillary, Ian, Alex, Dan, Rashid (our watchman), Vincent
Bottom row- Victor Kirwa, Dennis, Victor, Allan Kipchumba, Gideon, Moses, Levi, Derick and Timothy
All the girls- Lucy, Christine, Winnie A. Sharon, Naomi, Winnie K. Brenda, Ednah (no longer the matron here)
Bottom row- Mercy and Lily
 Alex Korir would love to be an electrical engineer!
 Duncan "Dan" Kibet would like to be a doctor to help sick people in hospitals.
 Hillary Ndoli would like to join the Military.
 Ian Kipyego would like to be an Electrical Engineer.
 Vincent Kipkorir would like to join the Army.
Christine Tsindoli would like to become a doctor.
Naomi Jepchirchir would like to be a banker.
Sharon Jelagat would like to be an Accountant or a Teacher.
Winnie Awino would like to become a professional runner!
Allan Kipchumba wants to  be a Race car Driver
Brenda Kiptoo would like to be fashion designer or a banker.
Gideon Kiplagat would like to be an Engineer.
Dennis Kipkurui would like to be an Engineer
Derick Kiplagat would like to become a Pilot
Moses Kipkoech wants to be a Race car Driver.
Levi Kiptoo would like to be a Train Driver.
Lily Jeruto would like to  be a ballerina or a restaurant worker.
Lucy Jelagat would like to work with animals.
Mercy Jerop would like to be a dancer, singer or a doctor.
Timothy Kipchirchir would love to become a Pilot!
Victor Kirwa wants to be Taxi Driver.
Winnie Kiptoo would like to be an Engineer.
Victor Kiplagat would like to become a doctor.
Rashid Lebo (watchman)
Zion, Lucy, Lily, Levi and Soti
Zion, Moses and Hillary

Winnie K., Winnie A., Naomi, Sharon

Some days there are fights just like all sisters have but they
 have a special bond and love for each other!
Dennis and Alex

Levi, Winnie A. and Lily
Winnie the Pooh cares so much for the younger kids and has such an infectious laugh!
Lily, Brenda and Mercy

Winnie A. and Naomi

Victor Kiplagat

Sharon and Winnie K.

Moses, Levi, Naomi and Mercy

Lily and Winnie K.

Winnie A. and Sharon

Levi, Naomi and Lily

Lily, Winnie K. and Mercy

Always ready to ham it up!
Moses, Winnie A. and Levi

Mercy, Brenda and Lily

Ian, Moses and Hillary


Levi and Moses

Winnie K. and Winnie A.

Brenda and Sharon

Moses and Lucy taking a selfie!

Kirwa, Naomi, and Victor

Winnie A. and Hillary


Winnie K. and Levi

Lily and Mercy

Ian and Kipchumba

Alex and Moses

Winnie K., Ian and Naomi

Brenda, Lily and Sharon

Derick and Winnie K.

Levi, Naomi and Kipchumba

Winnie A.

Brenda and Lily

Winnie A., Sharon, Naomi and Winnie K. 

Mama and Lucy selfie! 
Zion and Soti would like to thank you for your prayers and help through transitions, projects, children heading off to high school, teenage years and just having this big family God blessed us with. God is refining us and growing us. He is challenging us and helping us to fully rely on Him for wisdom, grace and overflowing love.

REMEMBER: No matter what you are doing in your life, whatever season you are in, "God...has put His hand on you for something special." 1 Thessalonians 1:4 (MSG)

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