Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fun surprise, good food, and play time!

God is so good and inspired me with this project! A friend of ours opened a restaurant "hotel" as they call it here in Kenya. The hotel is located in a row of shops where you can't tell what is what! God was like why don't you make a sign for him? I got so excited and could not wait to get started!!😊
I started sketching in my journal and soon had what I wanted for the sign! God you are marvelous!!
Here is the finished product with some royal blue shadowing! Such a fun project!

I wanted to wrap the sign to give it to our friend Francis Kemboi because in Kenya you don't get many gifts except for special occasions like getting engaged or married or the like.
As you can see from his floured right hand he was in the middle of making something when we came in! He was surprised and thankful for a sign for his hotel.
Thank you Jesus for this fun project to put my creativity to use to help someone! 
Zion, Lily, Mercy, Moses, Lucy and Levi came to celebrate the sign going up! We even brought a hammer and nails so we could put it up right away!

Last night Tuesday, February 21, 2017 was special supper night! We have it every Tuesday and Saturday. It is where we change up the supper menu of ugali and cabbage or collard green to eat spaghetti, green grams, and some bread type item like chapati (a flatbread), mandazi (triangle shape sweet fried bread) or pancakes (circular shaped doughnut). We are all so thankful and excited for a change of menu on these days.

Some of us enjoy eating outside!

Some of us prefer to eat inside!

Today: Wednesday, February 22,2017
Here are some of the children that attend our school Grace Family Educational Centre! We have doubled in number of students since last year! God is so good!

Have I told you how much the kids love to push around tires here!? It is a great upper body work out! So many kids here have 6 packs...solid abdomens!

"Take a picture!"

Levi is finally coming around and loving playing with the school kids! They were running all around the field with this rope ... Ends tied together pulling each other around!
So much laughter and fun!

God " will yet fill your mouth with laughter 
And your lips with shouts of joy." Job 8:21


  1. That's wonderful!! Isn't it amazing how creativity can bright joy to your heart? Especially done for someone else! I'm so glad you were able to make that sign!

    1. Yes! I hope that more people will ask me to make some signs because it was so much fun to do! God knows our hearts desires!